Friday, February 10, 2017

Use Courts to Create A Sense of Crisis

Court orders can be exceptionally good vehicles for creating a sufficient sense of crisis and an imperative to act so that supporting legislation can be enacted.  It is difficult to overstate the importance of such a vehicle, since the magnitude of change to which this volume is directed is so great that  such change can only be created out of a sense of having no other option..." (Hornbeck, David and Lester M. Salmon, Human Capital and America's Future, 1991, The Johns Hopkins University Press, pp.367-368)

I have referred to this book many times. Edited by David W. Hornbeck, who restyled Kentucky's Education restructuring as demanded by the courts, for our Alabama First document. How do I know it? I saw him in and out of the Superintendent's office where Michele Buck and I sat waiting to speak to the Superintendent of Schools for the state of Alabama. It pretty much laid out the Liberal Agenda that has been successfully implemented in the succeeding twenty-five years that we must now deal with. One of the most critical pronouncements of the book is the quote above.

Do not suffer under the illusion that our courts see their function is to adhere or interpret the law. They now see their function as judicial activists and liberals are ready, willing and able to use those courts to their best advantage.

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