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Whole Language Catalog: Teachers as Liberators Produce Students as Revolutionaries: Clippings from the Whole Language Catalog

 "Education is Politics!" So saith Paolo Freire father of Liberation Theology and later Liberation Pedagogy. He is a hero to the Progressive Education movement.
Whole Language Catalog, p. 222
Whole Language Catalo, p. 346

I post here portions of the Whole Language Catalog with which I became acquainted in the early 1990s when I sought to bring our schools back to the basics so my students black and white might have a real opportunity to read, write and do arithmetic.

I challenge you to read clippings from this manifesto from the educators in charge of teaching our teachers how to teach and tell me that you are in accord. I actually bought Human Capital and The Whole Language Catalogreluctantly because I hate to empower them with my money, just so I could show you the roots of our problems.

Unfortunately some of this nonsense has taken root.

Do I think the teachers in our elementary schools who taught this method are revolutionaries?


They were dupes, just as I once was, thinking that what they were receiving from their colleges of education was supported by empirical studies to be the best methods of teaching children. Then they got caught up in the peer pressure of education and administration and dared not speak out.

Ira Shor on Paulo Freire in the Whole Language Catalog, p. 223
"... we reinvent classroom discourse with the students in the hope of reinventing society as well."

Ira Shor on Paulo Freire, Whole Language Catalog, p. 223

This is a Whole Language Classroom. Remember Behavior modifies Attitudes and Beliefs. See the children facing one another. Peer Tutoring and Group Learning do not enhance learning, they do enhance the group being Alpha and the engineer the "democratic" classroom. Please note that some children are playing Dungeons and Dragons, a game some parents might object to. What attitudes and beliefs might the teacher in this classroom be modeling? Direct instruction? NO. Respect for a disciplined environment?
Whole Language Catalog, p. 237

John Dewey's Pedagogical Creed
John Dewey's Pedagogica Creed, Whole Language, p. 245
Austrian scientist/philosopher as well as a mystic, Steiner believed "academic skills are not taught as isolated subjects, but are integrated into a comprehensive curriculum (thematic learning) grounded in the great myths and legends of human history and in the creative arts, it is a curriculum meant to spark the child's imagination and appreciation for the whole scope of human endeavor.
Rudolph Steiner, Whole Language Catalog p. 243


"No longer was it necessary for the literate to read accurately or to write clearly and expressively..." Patrick Shannon

Patrick Shannon, Whole Language Catalog, p. 222

Ira Shor

"Transforming teachers into dialogic educators preoccupies Paolo Freire, for whom dialog means cultural empowerment, not merely conversation in the Classroom." 

"...Leading the dialogue forward into consciousness change with value judgement and some expert knowledge, opening the classroom to students speech while integrating a critical study of standard usage (the language of power). "
Ira Shor, Whole Language Catalog, p. 223.

You need to see that Progressive teachers do not see their mission as teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, History, Science but as dialoguing toward social change. 
Ira Shor

More Behavior modifying Attitudes and Beliefs

Whole Language Catalog, p. 224

Maria Montesorri

Abraham Maslow later repudiated what he had loosed in the classroom. Secular Humanism is now the religion of our schools. Values clarification is its methodology. Our classrooms are now "therapeutic classrooms" producing what these new world order folks hoped to create. 
Whole Language Catalog, p. 223

Impressed by Marx and Engels? Vogotsky regarded education as not only central to cognitive development, but as the quintessential sociocultural activity. 

"Whole Language Teachers do not teach phonics..." And so they raised a generation of functional illiterates that raised the alarm to what was going on in the classroom. Phonics won out and Whole Language Classrooms now admit to an "eclectic approach" still using other Whole Language "best practices." Many parents came to see the true difference between the WL classroom and the traditional type of education and removed their children from these public schools bound by dollars from the Department of Education to continue on with this Progressive agenda. 
The uproar you hear from the Unions to Betsy Devos is over their fear of losing control of your children's minds and therefore the socialist revolution their philosophers envision, the credentialing of teachers and government dollars. 

We become literate to reclaim our voices,  experiences, and histories to interpret the world and change it." Giroux
Henry Giroux, Whole Language, p. 417. 

"Risk taking is not simply tolerated, it is celebrated."

"They must see learning, including literacy and language development, a part of the process of liberation."

"Cutting themselves loose from the bonds of tests, texts and mandates, teachers can utilize their professional knowledge, their personal strengths and their inventive intuitions to create exciting and inviting situations and contexts for their pupil's growth. This may take the form of stimulating interest in a thematic unit that has its roots in a current news event or a well chosen field trip. 
... It may show in the wisdom of the teacher bringing pupils together in social groups for particular purpose. 

Ken Goodman, editor of Whole Language Catalog, p. 207.


Patrick Shannon "no longer was it sufficient for the literate to read accurately or to write clearly and expressively, what was needed to reconstruct society was the ability to read beyond the text to understand how the author and the ideas connected with the various political, economic and social arguments concerning the future of America. In short, community centered educators (or social deconstructionists as they were called) were less concerned with how students learned to be literate than they were concerned with how citizens used their literacy after they learned to read and write." ..

Patrick Shannon, Whole Language Catalog, p. 222

Whole Language teachers do not teach phonics per se ..... and now we know why we have so many functional illiterates in America.

Bess Altwerger, Whole Language Catalog, p.

Bess Altwerger, Whole Language Catalog, p. 407.

So now you know what produced this...

And why teachers want to block Betsy DeVos from the schools. Our children need an education not an indoctrination!

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