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Another Feminist Lynching while Republicans play by Marquess of Queensbury Rules! Hypocrisy and George Soros

Why do Liberal Women Support Abusers and Blackmail Honorable Men?

I just wonder if you are as disgusted as I am at the hypocrisy of these folks. The Ends Justifies the Means has long been the ideology of socialists. And you see it in action, I believe, in this newest she said/he said 36 year buried accusation. What is the real goal here? It is pretty obvious by the people who surround her. Like, for example Debra Katz, her attorney.

The Democrats play with guerrilla warfare and Republicans dance around with Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Gentlemen of the Senate condescend to the little ladies treating them with manners and respect while the little ladies hiss, grow talons, grab grenades and attack with vengeance while all of their supporters rally around. There is no tactic too low for them to support. Because you see, the Resist Movement has no morality. They have one goal: Democratic Socialism with "no borders, no walls, sanctuary for all." 

We are in the middle of a Revolution and Conservatives didn't get the memo. There is an organized coup underway and the fate of our nation may rest in the hands of that slight majority in the Senate.

The Washington Times connected some dots and found that a political advocacy group formed in June was promising to funnel $5 million into the effort to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation. That group received donations that trailed through other funds that led to Soros.

“The group, Demand Justice, established in 2018, gets its money from the Sixteen Thirty Fund — and the Sixteen Thirty Fund received roughly $2.2 million from the Open Society Policy Center, one of Soros’ outlets, between the years of 2012 and 2016.”

And the Open Society Policy Center has directly funded the Project on Government Oversight — whose vice chairwoman is none other than Debra Katz.

Townhall characterized Katz’s background as “a long history of dismissing sexual assault allegations against liberal politicians, donating to left-wing causes, and even publicly demonizing all Trump advisors as ‘miscreants’ who are worse than deplorables.”
It certainly looks like there is more to the current state of affairs regarding the Kavanaugh hearings than just vetting a Supreme Court jurist. As the tentacles spread out, they reach farther and farther to the left, seeming to embrace more liberal activists and their agendas.

What is the Modus Operandi of liberal women? Level a sexual accusation and suddenly the male is guilty. Just the words make the man guilty. Whatever happened to fairness or equal justice under the law? Remember the Duke Lacrosse Players? 

Do I as a woman think a woman would falsely accuse someone of something so painful as a sexual assault? You betcha. Ever hear of a black widow spider? How about Mata Hari? Delilah? I have no doubt the vulgar women of this Resist Movement would lodge false sex allegations if convinced it was good for their cause. They are sitting back with an appletini laughing up their sleeves at how they have these people dancing to their tune -- just because some folks actually believe that other folks share the same sense of honor. 

I am reminded of the British insisting on marching in straight lines in their red coated uniforms while the Americans who really knew what they were fighting for utilized guerrilla tactics and toppled the greatest Army in the world. Conservatives -- You are the British waiting to get shot. Wrap your mind around what is really happening and what is at stake. 

Don't think that the lunatic left that is so involved in the RESIST movement would not plot something like this! Madonna already said she would like to blow up the White House. Naomi Judd proclaimed, with pride, mind you, that she is a "dirty" woman. Guess what? They mean it!

Hillary Clinton called all the women Bill Clinton abused and raped all kinds of horrible names. Bill Clinton is honored at Democrat gatherings. Hillary set up a war room to deal with "Bimbo Eruptions." Ted Kennedy killed a woman and he became the "lion of the Senate." Keith Ellison is caught on tape abusing a girlfriend and he remains in place in the DNC. 

If this behavior truly offended these women, they would not give safe harbor to their own offenders. And so, I truly do not think they would hesitate to organize an assault on an honorable man.
Democrat women (especially Hillary) cozied up to Harvey Weinstein for money and now they dare to presume moral high ground!

Dr. Blasey Ford, represented by an activist in George Soros' organizations, Debra Katz, claims to have been groped 36 years ago at a place she cannot remember at a party (she and four others attended, I guess that included Kavanaugh and his friend, so that would leave two others) she barely recalls, but she can name Brett Kavanaugh committing an act none others who knew him can imagine him committing. 

Don't you wonder why those Holton Arms high school yearbooks were scrubbed? Apparently not soon enough. Blasey Ford appears in these yearbooks from her eighth grade forward. 

"...loss of consciousness is often an integral party of the party scene." This is from the yearbook from the private school Christine Blasey Ford attended. Apparently drinking to blacking out was a common thing for this school and it is chronicled in the yearbook. So, when Blasey Ford claims:

She "was terrified," and that she "would be in trouble if her parents realized she had been at a party where teenagers were drinking," and she "worried they might figure it out even if she did not tell them." One must wonder how truthful she is being when evidence of her involvement in alcohol and intoxication is rampant in her yearbook.  

She was fifteen? On the streets alone? Two other people other than the accused were at the party and they didn't realize this young woman had left? And why would anyone suspect a political agenda here? 

The Letter (which no one, except Feinstein can see) was submitted in July and it just surfaced at the last minute. And now, claiming victimhood (and she's a feminist?) can't stand the scrutiny to which any man (I thought there was supposed to be equality) would have to submit.

Women! Are you equal? Are you strong and empowered? Or are you Victims? Too intimidated to face the man you accuse? 

His major crimes? He's white. He's Male. He is a Constitutionalist. Why might she remember his name? Because his mother is the judge who granted a motion for dismissal in a foreclosure brought against the parents of Blasey Ford. And because of that he deserves "lynching," as Clarence called the attack of the Left years ago. 

I am appalled that Grassley has kowtowed to this travesty of feminist blackmail. Blasey-Ford, obviously a feminist, would deny Kavanaugh his Constitutional right to face his accuser. She makes restrictions on who would proceed first according to her own edict and is not respectful of normal procedure or to the traditions of the Senate. Who does she think she is? As Jonathan Turkey so succinctly put it, she wants Kavanauagh to swing before the ball is thrown. 

Why do feminists think they are above the rules of the Senate?

They claim equality but latch onto victimhood at any opportunity if it furthers their cause. . 

What would Hillary say? Why, her words are recorded when Bill stood accused with much more evidence. 

Perhaps it is time for Republicans to take off the gloves. Especially Republican women. We have let feminists claiming to speak for all women have the stage far too long!

Looks to me as if Hillary's same MO is in motion today. Only now Blasey Ford violates Brett Kavanaugh in a very visible attack on a man's honor and livelihood. Once again Hillary supports the violator. And with those people, all gloves are off. 

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Grade Level Reading (GLR) Another Con Game in Education?

Do you see that 60 percent of Florida's fourth graders are not reading on grade level?

This is not a new problem. Retarding America: the Imprisonment of Potential discusses the same findings in a Justice Department Study released in 1993. No telling how much money has been spent doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what this book finds. Phonics works to teach ALL children to read. But, Progressive reading instruction has been made so complicated and obtuse they really do not actually teach children to read.

I have five grandchildren and the oldest three have ALL had special tutoring. Why? Because two were taught with Sing Spell Read and Write that has now been bought by Pearson a partner in the education cabal with Bill Gates with Common Core. That program has now been corrupted with the "eclectic"/Whole Language/ Progressive approach favored by the Education Establishment. Sue Dickson created a good program. Pearson bought it and corrupted it. Both of those children were at private schools.

The third attended first grade in a public school in Mobile, Alabama. It was a given that Whole Language/Progressive/Eclectic method would be his reading instruction. The school  was touted as the best in Mobile. I had hope that a good Phonics background might possibly have infiltrated. He came to visit and in listening to him "read" I knew it had not and he needed help. And fast. I do not believe in waiting until the third grade to "fix it". By then they are so discouraged they have given up. He now attends an ABEKA private Christian school and is doing great.

Pearson has bought up all these book publishing companies. And more.

Let me share with you the Education Establishment's idea of training for teaching reading.  Below you will see"attack skills" for reading. If you see this in your child's classroom, RUN!

The "methods" above will be taught in a Progressive classroom. After all of that do you think the child has retained the meaning of anything he might have read previously? Do you think their "comprehension" might suffer? This is why so many children are illiterate. 

Some folks (powerful folks) actually bought Kenneth Goodman's 1967 conclusions in "Reading: A Psycholinguistic Guessing Game." Goodman and his wife, Yetta, later edited a book entitled The Whole Language Catalog that became the bible of Progressive Education.  A "guessing game" will not get a space ship to the moon, supply the information to successfully build bridges, nor will it keep airplanes in the sky. Folks, the Emperor is wearing no clothes in education. 

Below you will find a screen shot from the Florida State University catalog. Do you see phonics anywhere? Do you see anything regarding using Explicit Phonics to Directly instruct children in reading? Can any teacher trained like this actually teach children to read with Phonics? 
Below you will see how important Hillsdale College considers Phonics. 

Notice HILLSDALE COLLEGE calls it EXPLICIT PHONICS and that is quite different from ECLECTIC/WHOLE LANGUAGE. 

This is the catalog entry for Elementary Education from Pensacola Christian which uses the ABEKA curriculum. Whereas an Education degree takes 48 hours at FSU, it only takes 16 at Pensacola Christian. Why? Where do prospective teachers Pensacola Christian earn extra hours? In Content areas. So they might actually KNOW SOMETHING to teach!

So what is Grade Level Reading? First of all it is a bigoted concept that makes distinctions between the abilities of children in different economic strata. Why is their answer always something new and untested? Why not use a program known for its effectiveness for all children?

Why do I cynically think -- money and power.  I remember when I first discovered the "great debate" between SIDE (systematic, intensive, direct and early) phonics instruction and look say/whole word/whole language. And then with new math. How in the world can you politicize reading and math? Read the Whole Language catalog. It is filled with politics! And now with GLR we see a full frontal assault on the family in the name of reading instruction!

These screen shots are from the Grade Level Reading

That is a goal. Not a fact. 

 This reminds me of the Music Man. Reading-infused? How about the think system. Just put a band instrument/book in the kid's hand and he will WANT to play/read and therefore-- ta da!!! he plays/reads!

I am reminded of a Simpsons episode where a banner across the school entrance read "Share the Blame". Really? If only parents (who frequently are themselves victims of the schools' inability to teach reading) had read to their child in the womb, as a toddler, etc. the school could teach them to read. How did poverty stricken, English as a second language immigrants in the 1890s learn to read? They were taught with Websters Blue Backed Spellers! Phonics! 

What are those community driven efforts? WOMB TO TOMB control of a child. OUTCOMES ACCOUNTABLE (what the heck does that mean?) systems of CARE (total control of your child including religious training --secular humanism--and disciplinary instruction) requiring DATA COLLECTION on you AND your child. 

Has Outcomes-based education (a.k.a. Mastery Learning, a product of the Chicago Anenberg project headed by Barack Obama and Bill Ayers) worked? In Chicago, only 1 in 4 children can read.

Only a totalitarian society can impose OUTCOMES WOMB TO TOMB for your child. And we would give it up because the schools stupidly refuse to use a method of instruction for reading THAT HAS WORKED FOR CENTURIES?

So what is the definition of Grade Level Reading. This is a screen shot of what they tell us. 

Let's analyze this: 

I just love that part about "world-class standards" and "equitable opportunity"! Just what does that mean? I would prefer United States standards since our education system was ONCE THE ENVY OF THE WORLD!  But now that we have COMMON CORE BASED ON THE WORLD CORE CURRICULUM OF ROBERT MULLER AND THE UNITED NATIONS, THOSE STANDARDS HAVE DECLINED!
  • Close the gap in reading achievement that separates many low-income students from their peers? That means equity in learning. That means those with the opportunity to excel will sacrifice their excellence to lift others to the same bar.  It does not mean equal opportunity, it means some are subsidized at another's expense.
  • Raise the bar for reading proficiency so that all students are assessed by world-class standards. Now most folks would assume that meant better than the US standards. But what if it means your child's vocabulary will be restricted to a rolodex of memorized words that all children world-wide memorize and that limits their understanding of the world to THOSE words. 
  • And insure that all children, including and especially children from low-income families, have an equitable opportunity to meet those higher (presumed) standards

Please think about the words used here! Don't assume you understand. Think! They are telling you their intent. Womb to tomb control of children. Change society to fix reading?

So, do you think ceding control of your child and home to government do gooders will enable your child to read? Or do you think you are just ceding control of SOMEONE ELSE'S child?

And you are okay with this? It doesn't really matter if you are.  "Use the courts to create a sense of crisis" is how they impose this upon us. They did it with Goals 2000, the Kentucky Plan, etc. in the early 90s and where did it get us?

Your children are to them "Radical Possibilities." Grade Level Reading is merely a facade for the true intent. All the words are carefully chosen for modeling attitudes to accept this camel's head creeping slowly and determinedly into the tent (your home).
Paolo Freire (defrocked Jesuit priest and founder of liberation theology in Nicaragua and liberation pedagogy here in the US) is a hero to Progressive Educators. The Goodmans (Ken and Yetta) spotlight Freire throughout the Whole Language Catalog. He promotes the concept that children create their own meaning in reading just like radical math (Freire's baby at Harvard)  encourages children to create their own mathematical knowledge. (Does that not give you chills? Think of the bridges these folks will build, the planes they will build/repair, etc.)

Now back to this GRADE LEVEL READING. I see a campaign and a lot of money spent but, 
  • I hope you see here that Grade Level Reading is not focused on actual reading, but on getting into the child's home. 


Apparently Systematic, Intensive, Direct and Early Phonics Instruction is now considered "conservative" since mainly Christian schools use it. And yet, all children, black and white learn best with Intensive Phonics. Marva Collins used Professor Phonics Gives Sound Advice and Open Court Readers and taught minority children labeled Learning Disabled/Dyslexic/etc. to read when the public schools could not. John Winston used the Spalding Writing Road to Reading to bring his school serving 3 housing projects, 98% minority, at least 40 identified dyslexics produced yearly and many discipline problems and brought the Reading scores up from the 24th percentile to the 80th, only one or two identified dyslexics/learning disabled and very few discipline problems.

My conclusion regarding the Grade Level Reading is that third grade is too late to begin teaching children to read. That was exactly what we saw with our grandson. According to the school, he was doing fine at the end of the first grade. But listening to him attempt to read I knew he was struggling. We sent him to Diane Steensland, a Speech Language Pathologist in Dothan, Alabama and the only person I know who can identify, analyze and remediate effectively. She showed me how he could sound out the initial sound and the ending sound and would guess what might be in the middle. If you look above at those "attack skills" you will see that according to Progressive teaching, he was doing as he had been instructed--guessing. He now attends an ABEKA school and thrives. Praise God!

Now, it would appear Grade Level Reading is doing another one of those feel good campaigns that I have seen so often.

There an excellent Phonics program that works for all children, but it is so effective and inexpensive the Establishment Educators refuse to use it!

My goodness! If you used a program that actually worked, all those reading specialists would be out of business!  All of those book publishers that sell remediation materials to go along with the reading books would be unnecessary!

And if they did well and had a future, these socialists would have not excuse to come into our homes to "fix them."

Think  about the fact that many children no longer learn cursive writing. They now can no longer read the major documents of our democratic republic. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are written in cursive. Must we all now depend on someone's translation into print? Would that also include their interpretation of those documents?

How dumbed down can we allow the Education Establishment to take us? How much power/control of your family are you willing to cede?

In the name of equity in society lifting reading scores. Hogwash!

The Politics of Common Core

The Truth about Phonics

Sing Spell Read and Write, Dolch Words

Social Engineering, Co-operative Learning

The Bigotry of Low Expectations

The Yes We Can Movement to Manipulate

Whole Language Lives On!


Response to AL.Com article "Alabama Superintendent Proposal to Raise Academic Standards."




Revolutionary Pedagogy: Or, so you thought reading, writing and calculating were why you sent your child to school?
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Fifty Years Ago. 1968 was a very good year! Dothan High School, Senior Trip, Delta Delta Delta, Found a future husband and enjoyed Very good friends!

1968 was a very big year in my life. I missed our fifty year high school reunion, (my husband had three brain surgeries this year) but thought some folks might enjoy a look back. Add these pictures to your collection if they are also a part of your own memories! Dothan, Alabama was a great place to grow up!

I had the privilege of being a cheerleader, something that had never been something I had thought I would ever do. But, when I entered High School, I decided to try out for just about everything and miracle of miracles, I did it! So many wonderful things happened that year.

Let me share them with you...

Kathy Parrish, Sandy Price, Karen Mullins, Sharman Burson
Mary Ann Howell, Nancy Davis, Kay Davis and Cindy Cutts

 Senior Year (We would be seniors of 1968)
 Kathy Parrish, Paula Dunning, Sally Fortner, Phyllis Brown, 
Karen Mullins, Sandy Price, Mary Ann Howell, and Sharman Burson (Seniors '68)
The tigers were given to us by Kathy Parrish's uncle, Lowell Rountree. 

Sharman Burson, Paula Dunning, Karen Mullins, Mary Ann Howell, Phyllis Brown, Sandy Price, Sally Fortner and Kathy Parrish

My brother, Elkanah, and sister, Sylvia, enjoyed all of the football games Mother and Daddy attended.

 You can't remember those years without Nip and Ernie's. I remember going there before games and after school. Cherry cokes were my favorite. And, of course, their delicious brownies. The recipe is included below given to me by Rosemary Edwards.

Best buddy, Karen Jackson, and I REALLY enjoyed basketball games. 

The senior play was The Hoosier School Master. I had the female lead and Jimmy Parkman had the male lead. Julie Wauthena Nall directed the play. 

Sharman, Jimmy, and Sylvia Jackson

Sha'na Shiver, Dennis Ray Clark and Donna Gayle Martin and Sharman on the back row

Convertible yellow GTO. My favorite car ever! Why did I ever let her go?

This GTO had a GRRR Boomershine tag on the front. My favorite memories are driving down Front Beach Road with the top down with "Wild Thing" booming forth on the radio. Our old cottage at 17807 HWY 98 was a concrete block cottage. Each of us had our own shovel to shovel the sand off the patio every time we came to the Beach (Panama City). Elkanah learned the wonders of the binoculars quite early. Daddy and Uncle Elmore enjoyed the view as well. Mother met everyone who came down the public walk and made many a friend there. She loved a joke better than anyone I have ever known and folks quickly picked up on that and remembered them to share with her.

Before Coach McCall and his wife Maxine bought the cottage next to us, it was owned by the Jackson family from Gainesville, Georgia. Turns out Mama Sally (front and center) was related to Joe through the Dowling line. She originally came from Ozark. Susan, far right, was my age and we bonded right off the bat. She had scoliosis and one summer she was in a full body cast with her right  arm elevated and dangling. We loved to ride down the Beach in that GTO to Hill Grocery where we would purchase a delicious Bismarck (elongated donut with cream in the middle). Susan's handsome brother Felix is to the left, but he was Elkanah's age so imagine him much smaller. Sally Jackson (named for Mama Sally, of course) was Sylvia's age so we had a great group for each of us to enjoy. We looked forward to them coming! Joan Jackson (mother's friend) and her husband Walton are in the middle. 

Gayle Tyson

Those Beach friends remained good friends for life. Mary Ann and Jack Tyson had the cottage behind us. They were from Cairo, Georgia. Bernie O'Neal, handyman along the beach, got Daddy to go over to the Tyson's cottage one evening to treat Ann who was very sick (chicken pox, Ann says). When she got well, he told her, he wanted her to come and meet his daughter, Sylvia, who was her age. She did. And so did her big sister Gayle who was my age. We became lifelong friends.

We sunbathed long hours together. Rode down the Beach in that convertible GTO. I learned to ski from someone with a business at the Hathaway Bridge. Jack would take us to Lake Powell to ski (where Pinnacle Port is now). We went floundering there as wellt.

BTW Ann Tyson and her husband Tommy Hopkins have bought Sanctuary Beach. Phoebe Masker remodeled what was once the sales house into a beautiful bayside home. 

My first boyfriend, Bobby Geiger, got killed in a car accident coming home from Auburn while I was at cheerleader camp the summer of 1966. Such a fine young man. Mother called me on the camp telephone. (No cell phones then.) It seemed unreal. Shock, I guess. We were too young for death. On the way back to our cabin, I remember hearing Bob Dylan on the radio. Blowin' in the Wind. Strange how music speaks to you and takes you back to places and people. 

Mary Ann Howell and Sandy Price at Cheerleading Camp 
We were too busy for many pictures! This is the only one I have and it was in a scrapbook with a whole bunch of pictures. It was really the first time I was away from home (other than at my grandmother's) without my parents. After Bobby got killed so suddenly, Mother came down and stayed with a Dothan friend, Thelma Dagostine, who had a fishing cottage there. 

And then, I got lavaliered to this handsome KA who was studying engineering at Louisiana Tech, David Upton, the nephew of Ben Upton who sold State Farm Insurance in Dothan. His uncle sent him with a bowl of scuppernongs to our house to meet me. Dave's music leaned toward Otis Redding. So, whenever I hear Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay, I think of him. And John Fred and his Playboy Band, Judy In Disguise. I still love that soul music.

And here we are at the Senior Prom.

That pool table was a quite creative idea to keep me at home with friends. 

Robin Ann Green and Ricky Williams 

Sharman and my buddy, Rick Williams. Below is Randy Pierce, a friend I seriously miss. 
 I always found that guys made the best friends. Other than my very good girl friends, that is.

Sootzus was the Dothan High School newspaper.

 Senior Scholars? Maybe Honor Society. A program in the auditorium.

We took a train South 

Margaret Lee, Theresa Dauphin, and then me. Theresa's mother, Evelyn Dauphin, chaperoned our trip aboard a boat for our Senior Trip to Nassau in the Bahamas.  

Margaret Lee, Sharman Burson, Janis Purdy

Sharman Burson, Margaret Lee, Gloria Loftin, and Janis Purdy I think we are now in Nassau. 

This newspaper clipping survived being glued to Mother's wall.
Yearbook picture

Dr. E. G. Burson, Jr., Sharman and Dr. E. G. Burson, Sr., Papa nearly burned up in that gymnasium with no air-conditioning. He still wore his winter long john underwear. Daddy fanned him and fanned him. He did not live long after that, though I do not think it was the heat in that auditorium in May that did it. Nanny had already passed away. We found out he had leukemia and he died in 1969.  He practiced medicine in Wilcox County up until he passed away. 

Sharman, the graduate, and Jean Gillis Burson, proud mother. 

Mattie Lee Martin played a major role in my life.  I dedicated a book to her. 

 Debbie Spann had always been one of my best friends, and Tommy, being older (3 yrs) tormented us. Not having a big brother, I loved him like MY big brother. So, when Dr. Spann, my father's best friend, died on my 18th birthday, Joe, Tommy's best friend, came home from the University of Alabama to be with Tommy. Joe had transferred from The Citadel while Tommy remained there.

My usual gaping self attended the funeral in white, my newest dress for Graduation. So, I guess I stuck out in his memory. That summer, Tommy Spann came home and appeared with his best friend, Joe, at the Dothan Country Club swimming pool. I had taken Elkanah to the swimming pool and lay out my towel to sunbathe. I waved at them. That night Joe called and asked me out. I couldn't go because my family was spending the weekend at the Beach at our cottage. He broke a rule and called me again. We went to a party at someone's house. There was magic in his goodnight kiss. So, the trajectory of my life changed at that moment, I guess. 

And then I went off to college. The University of Alabama. I had applied early admittance to Agnes Scott and was accepted. I had an epiphany during my senior year. Agnes Scott had no football team.

I applied to the University of Alabama. And was accepted. I had the best surprise roommate! She and I met for the very first time at Martha Parham Hall on the University of Alabama Campus. Donna Jo Rumore from Birmingham, Alabama! She was the daughter of Joe Rumore of Rumor's Record Rack who had a radio show. She was the very best of roommates.  

Downstairs at Martha Parham probably just outside the snack bar where they made the very best grilled cheese sandwiches!

Now comes a group of silly pictures by silly 18 year olds.

And yes, the windows opened, but no I did not jump out. 

Sharman teases Suzi's hair. I am not sure who is behind that umbrella. Somehow professional models pull this off a lot better than our amateur photography. Dark hair. Maybe Donna. Could be me. I couldn't climb up on that chair today, that's for sure!

Suzi Crowley (Ozark) and I got very silly and took pictures in our dorm room. 

I think this was when we were wigged out over Rush.

And then came the bid...

I pledged Delta Delta Delta!

The Tri Delta House was a round house at that time. Here is a look down the stairwell. Whenever I think of the Tri Delt House, I think of Friday afternoons with the windows open at the Alpha Gam and KD houses bouncing off the music coming from the Tri Delta House there on First Circle. Sometimes Jimmy Hendrix. A little Purple Haze.

This was surely a different time. Pledges would sit at the rotary phone table here and take messages for the actives. This was a great way to become better acquainted with the actives. A great short story could evolve from this picture, I would think. I wonder who Donna Carol was looking for as she peeked around that corner.

Folks these days cannot imagine a single rotary phone in a house full of women! But, that was how it was. On Friday nights we had tuna fish and brownies for supper. Those living in the House were upstairs getting ready for their dates who would come to the door to pick them up. Though everyone who lived in the House had a room, there was a sleeping porch with bunk beds where everyone slept.

 This was the Delta Delta Delta Composite my pledge year.

Third row from the bottom third from the left. I am beside Amelia Brown from Ozark who developed a brain tumor and passed away not long after this. Sue Hopkins, second row from the bottom, married Alec Moseley who grew up down the street from me on Camellia Drive. 

Mary Colquitt Ray, our pledge trainer

Laurie Stone, my fantastic big sister

Our pledge class. The picture was taken the day I nearly dropped out of college doing drop and add. I missed the photo shoot! 

I remember standing at the phone bank on the bottom floor of Martha Parham debating whether to call my mother or Joe first.  I called Joe at the Pi Kappa Phi house crying and told him I was about to call my mother. I was going home! He and Robert Grimes came and took me out for ice cream. I stayed.

As pledges we were responsible for the decorations on the Trip Delta House and to march in the Homecoming Parade. Our theme was the Bear Necessities. (The movie Jungle Book and the play on Bear Bryant. Get it?) Ann Kerrigan and I led in pulling the float down University Boulevard and sang, 
"Look for the Bear Necessities,
those simple Bear Necessities.
Forget about your worries and your woes.
 Look for the Bear Necessities
 that's how our hearts can rest at ease.
Those simple Bear Necessities of life!"

Best coach ever!!!!!

Here are other sororities and fraternities in the parade, I hate it that the picture has faded so badly. 

By the end of 1968 (November 18) I got pinned to Joel Ramsey, Pi Kappa Phi, who brought fraternity brothers to help us DDD pledges create the Homecoming transformation on the Tri Delta House. That co-operative venture brought a husband to Susan Kuster as well as me! The candle went around the circle of pledges and actives gathered in the living room a couple of times before I blew it out telling everyone that I had gotten pinned.

Delta, Delta Tri, 
by and by you'll know why 
this girl is a Delta Tri, 
little shy, loves her guy 
and he loves his Delta Tri.

By the light of the Tri Delt moon 
with those three stars above
Tri Delt girls sing sweet melodies 
To those Sisters we love

I remember the night his fraternity brothers brought Joe bound, syrupped and feathered and tossed him out on the lawn in front of the Tri Delta House. I stood on the balcony and watched. I had to come downstairs and give him a kiss before they allowed him to leave. (Of course I was not dressed so formally at that event. But it was that balcony and that is me in the middle.)

Ah, we look so young! 

I spent just about every weekend with Joe at the Pi Kappa Phi House so these guys played a big part of our life. This is the composite.

Susan Kuster (who married Pi Kappa Phi, Billy Barton) and Margaret Lambreth

Look at those curlers! Not a blow dryer around! Grooming was much different then!

Yancey Nowlin became one of my dearest lifelong friends. 
Her daughter, Dr. Katherine Bivona, married Pi Kappa Phi John Bivona's son. Lives touch over and over. 

Rondi Bates became my next roommate when we moved right across the street from the Tri Delta House to live in Harris Hall. She remains one of my dearest friends. 

We started out very prim and proper.

Pledge Sister Barbara Jean was selected Pi Kappa Phi Star and the celebration began. Yancey on the left, Barbara Jean in the middle with Ronnie Coleman (Dothan was Archon) Susan Kuster,  and Joe. 

Joe's best friend, Robert Grimes.

Caroline Massey (don't know her date's name) Sharman (gaping again) and Joe

They told us we would be hazed. We were apprehensive. 

This was the Delta Delta Delta version of hazing. They threw us a party!

This is our basement room. 

Riverboat at the Pi Kappa Phi House
Band parties at the Pi Kappa Phi House were such fun! I guess I think of "My Girl" and Joe. 

Fifty years ago. 
My goodness!  
Time has just flown by! I guess there is nothing really special about these pictures. This life. 
 It just happens to be my time, my people and my life, and that makes it very special to me
This is a time capsule of one version of 1968. 
It is special because of those who shared it with me and who remain dear to me. 
Joe and I got married the next year,  November 8, 1969. 
I was 19; he was 22. 
That was the national average at that time. But now it seems so young. 
We grew up together. 

Delta Delta Delta Memories

University of Alabama Delta Delta Delta dedicates a new home