Monday, September 27, 2021

Gardening Southern-Style 5: Planting the Daylillies


As you can see the back of the Odyssey is full of gardening stuff I picked up at Rural King the Day before. This beautiful pink and yellow ruffled daylily captured Molly's interest. 

Saturday was a glorious day. Molly spent Friday night with me and Saturday we got up eager for our visit to the Daylily Farm in Ozark ( to pick up the daylillies I had ordered online. Betty Peters went with us. She is starting a new garden and wanted to add some fragrant daylillies.

In order to explain hybridization to Molly, Sharon Pilcher (owner) took the only daylily still blooming to show her how it works. It just so happens that daylily was Molly's favorite colors pink and yellow with a ruffled edge. It also just so happens that this third grader is studying hybridization and flowers at Providence this year. Molly is my garden buddy. 

We got back home and I realized Sharon had given us the direction to plant those daylilies immediately! I was not quite prepared for that. They need 6 to 8 hours of sun and good drainage. Daylilies do not like wet feet. It just so happens the best place for daylilies in my yard is right where the new pergola and deck in front of the She Shack happens to be. Molly and I decided to plan a daylily bed in front of the steps through the daylily garden. Now, planting 17 daylilies is a daunting task even for a young gardener but for one with bad knees and severe arthritis it can be even more daunting. But my daylilies needed proper care.


My bed had not been prepared, so I had to be creative. Guilty!  So, I used a posthole digger and dug the hole, mounded dirt in the middle, planted the daylily with roots surrounding the mound, Molly added a bit Organic Biotone and we covered the roots. If it had not been for Molly preparing our refreshments for our rest and rehabilitation time, I do not think I could have made it. Ice water and a banana are quite rejunetive. We gathered straw from behind the She Shack and covered our daylilies.  

Gigi took refuge from the sun in the She Shack. 

Lola finds shade beneath the twin baby buggy I use to tote heavy things and supplies around. 

After a day of recuperation, I could not sleep last night thinking of the admonition in one of my gardening books about covering the daylillies too close making mildew kill the daylily. So, first thing I came out and pulled pine straw away that was directly touching my precious daylillies. 

Before we knew it three hours had passed. We set up the iron arbor trellis (now held together with wire after going from my yard at 800 North Cherokee to our guest house in Panama City) to plant the anticipated Constant Gardener David Austen roses when they arrive in January and sat back to enjoy our efforts. I have ordered 13 David Austen Roses, but those beds should be prepared by then. 

Being old and not so agile any more, everything takes more time. I have bought a tractor scooter that makes it easier to get closer to what I need to do closer to the ground. And I bought a special tool to move big heavy pots around.

You may wonder, why do you do this? It keeps me active and interested. Dreaming and planning my garden activates those little cells as Hercule Poirot calls them. Just as my new little ShiPoo does. Home is a wonderful refuge where I can alter the environment to help my handicaps. Going up and down stairs is a challenge just as getting up from a chair does. I want to hold off more surgery as long as I can. 

Photographs and Videography by Molly

Monday, August 23, 2021

Gardening Southern-Style with Sharman 4

 Christmas Came Early!

Christmas came early at my house last night. What joy filled my heart at the sight of the name across those boxes -- Gardeners.

The lighter box contained 2 tub trugs as they are called, 25 standard garden markers, Garden clogs, rose gloves, a dirty little digger, one of my favorite hand tools, and a bag of Bio-tone Starter Plus Plant Food, something they use all the time on the You Tube Garden shows I have been watching. 

The Tractor Scooter came in pieces. I did try to put it together on my own, but fortunately my son-in-law, Mike Evans, with experience on bolts and nuts and washers as Service Manager for Hyundai who has now taken his talents to Techway Automotive across from Kentucky Fried Chicken on the Ross Clark Circle, saved me. He managed to get everything tightened up so that the thing will not fall apart first time I sit upon it.

And when I went out and got the mail I received the seeds from Eden Brothers: Zinnias, Nasturtium seeds, Red Corn Poppies, Sweet Peas, Larkspur and Daisy seeds. Inspired I went out and cut the Echinacea seed pods to collect the seeds. So now I have a lot to plant once PC comes to prepare my beds. JoAnne McFarland taught me the first time I planted a monet garden. I hope I remember!

This is my dream addition.

Gardening Southern-Style 3 August 23

Gardening Southern-Style 3 August 23

The continuing saga of Gardening Southern-style with Sharman. The last thing Joe bought over the internet was a power sprayer attachment to the hose. I have intended to use it on the playhouse for several years. I bought 4 tall slender plants to mask the side of the playhouse and decided it was now or never. It actually works once Cecily Ramsey and I figured out how to operate it. The really intriguing thing was the claim that it would get weeds from between bricks. Guess what? Not my weeds. So, I got my kneeling bench and sat upon it to pull the weeds I had slightly loosened. After 15 minutes fighting with one I decided the only thing to do was to poison those dirty word, dirty word weeds. Now that I have found my yard equipment, including weed killer I am moving forward.
The elephant ear closest to the gate is the one that got divided--about 8 I think. The gift that keeps on giving.

Butterfly garden check

divided and planted elephant ear bulbs check

began my new career in container gardening with 2 topiaries

Poisoned the bloody weeds! on the brick patio in intense heat, might I add.
Picture one is the newly divided elephant ears along the fence. Picture two is the boxwood container garden. It needs something more, I know, but it will have to wait. Something white I think.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Gardening Southern-style 2


Today was an auspicious day. I had my hairdresser take me all the way grey. Not just half grey and half brown. But, before I made it to the hairdresser I stopped at Lowe's and bought some new, sharp ended tools. I found my favorite tool, the hula Hoe for $19 while it was on websites one for $99. I also bought a post hole digger, a bulb digger, a new rake and a sharp shovel.
I did wait for it to cool off 3:30. Still hot. But not high noon hot.
Keeping to the plan I used to stick to when I had the big yard on Cherokee, I decided I needed to dig up the giant elephant ear in the garden now to be dedicated to butterflies. I needed to plant the Miss Molly butterfly bush and the yarrow I found at Dothan Nurseries. I managed to get the massive elephant ear out, divided and distributed through the back flower bed, though not planted. Too hot.
Then I remembered I needed to get the Miss Molly butterfly bush in the ground. I used the post hole digger for that and the yarrow and decided I would get down on the ground to tuck the little beauties in. That went well.
But then came the getting up part. I have had two hip replacements and the knees are begging for attention. But I was determined. Then I heard the voice of an angel. My next door neighbor, Gantt Pierce! I debated about 5 seconds on calling him for help. Afraid he might get away, I called him. Wiry guy though he is he lifted me easily. I am so blessed having him and Niki Blumentritt Pierce close. Niki heard Molly crying one afternoon after she fell on the concrete steps out of the gazebo and came to her rescue.
Joe would have chastised me for not having good sense and getting out there where it was so hot. Then he would have turned around and gone back into the air conditioning. He would probably have been right. But nothing ventured nothing gained. And I couldn't just sit inside thinking about doing something. When he was around I just waited for him to leave and then moved furniture or nailed holes in the wall. Or dug up elephant ears.
And I will probably go plant the elephant ears tomorrow.
Guess where the new tools are? Still in the car. It was too hot to go out and get them.

Monday, August 16, 2021

GardeningSouthern-Style: A Downhome Perspective on All Things Southern

Dr. Walter Van Fleet
Still my favorite rose. But I need a rooting!

I have been watching gardening videos while recuperating from Covid. I was sad that Dothan had nothing for its unique environment. And then I stumbled on to Megan Watson's channel. She has inspired me to start my own. Mine will be much different because I am an old lady looking for beauty with as easy as possible maintenance. Having other gardeners as friends is definitely motivating. Christie and Shelby Thomley helped me with that 2 acre lot on Cherokee that Joe and I once cared for. We met at Rayfield Vester's Master Gardener Class.

Our new home has a much smaller lot, but the gardeners here in Grove Park are serious. I have never seen a bigger sunflower than the one grown by Saundra Jordan and Wiley Jordan. Reva Carlise's cottage garden inspires me with the tour of her cottage garden by the street and her own "SHE SHACK" in her back yard. I rode by Michael Bailey and Catherine Griffith Bailey old home later bought by Sue Marie Shealy Coe and Mike Coe (I don't think they live there now, however.) and got inspired by the most beautiful hydrangeas -- White Annabelle or Limelight? (Not in Grove Park) Judy Bailey Wise brought beautiful camellia blooms to a club meeting and that inspired the camellia garden that will happen just as soon as things cool off a bit. I took Molly and Megan to PC's Nursery and hand delivered the list of camellias he will design my camellia garden with.
Of course, my mother as usual is the greatest inspiration of all. She loved her yard!!! She particularly loved daylillies and would go to Headland every year to the Daylily nursery there. I don't think it still exists, but I have found one owned by Randy and Sharon Pilcher called "In the Neighborhood Daylilies" Mother started me off right. She started a little girl garden club, the Daffy Dillies, in the polka dot playhouse she made out of an Airconditioner container. I look forward to going to Ozark to pick up my daylilies, although they do deliver.
Saturday my little buddy, Molly, went with me to Dothan Nurseries. The first thing we spotted was a Miss Molly butterfly bush, which we definitely HAD to purchase because Molly even brought her butterfly purse, so of course it was meant to be. I am developing a butterfly garden so that was a must have along with the Yarrow I bought. I always tell John David Boone that coming to Dothan Nurseries is next to heaven for me. I also want to start a rose garden, but I have given my heart to David Austin Roses and sadly they do not deliver to Alabama. (Wonder why?) I do have a granddaughter in Panama City, so she may have to deliver to grandmother. That granddaughter Lily Butterworth, loves succulents. I must admit her affection has rubbed off on me. So one day when I was just cruising the Net I found a spot that made the most beautiful arrangements of succulents. So, of course, I ordered one.
Let me share with you something Molly and I found out! Dothan Nurseries now has a shed under which John David's garden fairies will build your container garden for you. And, if you love pretty pots as much as I do, you must go there. They have the broadest variety of pots, old fashioned flowers, etc. you will find. I brought my friends from Panama City there when I took them on a tour of the Botanical Garden. They were suitably impressed. One thing that I had to leave at our old house was the Doctor Walter Van Fleet rose that Marion Hall rooted for me. It is the ancestor of New Dawn, but a bigger bloomer, I think. As you all know, Marion designed the Camellia Garden at the Botanical Garden. Her mother, Eleanor Grant, (also the name of a camellia Marion propagated) propagated many camellias. All kinds of garden jewelry awaits you at Dothan Nurseries as well. I did a little web work for Rhoda Boone at one time there at Dothan Nurseries when the web was brand new and they were kind enough to trust that early endeavor. That was when JoAn McFarland with Dothan Nurseries did a Monet Garden in my front yard. I ordered Larkspur, zinnia and poppy seed yesterday and plan to make a grand effort in my back yard. I will see how this You Tube stuff works and share with you what I come up with here at the new place God has planted me. I finally got out of the chair and have done a little preparatory digging. Don't forget to subscribe to Megan Watson's gardening show. I look forward to learning from her! Southern Living needs a gardener in this area. Linda Vintner is in Oklahoma, Garden Answers is in Oregon, and Jim ..... is in North Carolina. If they are looking for a volunteer, my hand is waving!

After spending my Covid quarantine watching garden shows on You Tube, I have come out the other side determined to get out in my garden and do a bit of designing. I think every gardener brings some of their gardener parent with them into the garden. I go through a garden and see aspidistra and remember the great host that flourished under my mother's fig tree. I brought a lot of those aspidistra home to Cherokee for a shade garden there. Whenever I see a fig tree I think of Mr. Conti's fig tree in his yard from which he gave us an offshoot. I also think of Mr. Conti when I see red poppies because I planted some in my Monet Garden in the front yard. They grew in a mass and he would come and stand and remember his childhood in Italy where they grew in masses like that. (Bought poppy seeds yesterday. Eden, I think.)

I treated myself yesterday with a trip to Lowe's where I bought more than I could plant this morning. I figure a little bit at the time and perhaps my garden will achieve the Jean Burson design (everything she loved planted wherever she felt like putting it.) 

I plan to turn the playhouse into my she shack/potting shed as soon as Tex Rankin can come and add French doors, a deck and pergola to it. 

These are pictures of my current yard along with the after I envision

Imagine A gravel path from the driveway pad around the right side of the house through the gate lined with camellias. 

As you come in the gate there is now a fence and some very nice evergreens. 

Now imagine a hydrangea hedge in front of those evergreens. 

That hedge leads to the building formerly known as the playhouse now converted to a She shack with French doors, a deck and a pergola 

Behind the playhouse a nice shady area then becomes the garden staging area with an 8 foot potting bench a table and some comfortable chairs (or a hammock). I want to plant scuppernongs on the pergola. I have a fun picture of my mother, Jean Gillis, with cousins Naomi Kennedy and Joe Jernigan, getting snockered with scuppernong wine. Both my mother and Joe's mother had a scuppernong arbor. Apparently it is a southern lady thing. "The Recipe"

Behind this central bed, I want a shady spot just to hang out with my dogs GIGI and soon to be LOLA (a ShihPoo coming from north Alabama at the end of the month) and Cecily's dogs, Honey and Lacy. 

A gravel patio from the She Shack to the Gazebo

Behind this central bed

From here you look back at the house. To the left of the brick patio Gigi has worn a path toward the fence where some neighbor buddies gather. The gravel path will come in the back gate and veer to the left to follow this path to the brick patio. 
This would be the newest incarnation of the Monet Garden once in my front yard. I will fill that bed with mushroom compost to make sure it is rich enough for my vision. I have ordered poppy, nasturtium, Larkspur, and zinnia seeds. I will find a way to get the David Austen roses.

This brick patio will be beautiful with tables and container gardens like this one. 

I will plant a Mr. Conti fig tree in the front yard to mask the ugly utilities. An olive tree just adds interest, I think. And Citrus trees need to be a part of every garden these days just in case hard times arrive. A garden needs to fill several human needs--a passion for creating beauty, productivity, sociability, and a mental and physical challenge.

This is where I plan to put the "pottager" aka kitchen garden. Right now there is a pittosporum there I considered removing, but those are good for flower arranging. Behind that white chair that was Mother's and needs painting, but I used it to sit upon to pull weeds. Behind there is the butterfly garden. It has a giant Elephant ear that will be removed. I planted a Japanese Magnolia there in the spring and it was beautiful. I love it. Mother and Daddy had one right outside their window and they watched the same birds next there year after year. Drew built me the voting bench at the fence. I LOVE IT!

This is the elevated garden planter 8 ft by 2 feet I plan to put there in font of that white bench. Fruits and vegetables can be grown in containers. 

The Butterfly garden will be dedicated to birds and butterflies. 

This will be my gravel patio. 

Hopefully this will be a beautiful expanse of green grass. 

I will probably scallop in front of these statues and plant maybe daylillies there. 

The first year Joe and I moved in we planted Magnolias along the back fence. PCs also planted those drift roses in front of the Gazebo and in front of the front fence. We had to take down several river birch because of their intrusive roots endangering the foundation of the house.

We need more trees in the back yard and I am thinking of a flowering cherry, a pink dogwood, and a white dogwood along with a lot of shade loving plants along the back between the Gazebo and the playhouse. 
We had a Bartlet Pear on Cherokee that was quite productive. I think I will plant one right outside the gate where one of those trees came down. 

This is the plan. Step by step. We will see where this will go. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021


In response to Linda Turner, vice chair of the Houston County Democratic Party, Sunday, July 18 The question was asked, “What about Greene Impresses Local GOP?


 "As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism...We shall presently recognize in nationalism the major obstacle to development of world-mindedness. We are at the beginning of a long process of breaking down the wall of national sovereignty. UNESCO must be the pioneer." UNESCO, 1949 


I am a Republican woman who sees current trends favored by the Democrats representing a direct path toward the expressed goal of UNESCO in 1949… and the ultimate demise of our country. 


For example: 

1. Disrespect for the Flag, our National Anthem, Founding Fathers, Free Speech, Police, Capitalism, National Borders, babies in the womb and newly born, Free Speech and Christianity 


2. Support for the misappropriation of language, Critical Race Theory seeing all history as Oppressors and Oppressed, subjugation by a white male patriarchy, Open Borders, Planned Parenthood and the mutilation of children through transgender sex change. 


3. Support for the belief that no crisis should be wasted to promote Man Made Climate Change, Electric cars (enriching China because they make the batteries because they control the rare minerals needed) and that the Covid Pandemic is the perfect opportunity to create THE GREAT RESET demanded by the World Economic Forum. 


What is THE GREAT RESET? Support for World Government building in a more "resilient, equitable, and sustainable" way—based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics which would incorporate more green public infrastructure projects; the third component is to "harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for public good,” undermining capitalism.


 4. Acceptance of socialist goals: As socialist Antonio Gramsci said, "Socialism is precisely the religion which must overwhelm Christianity[.] ... In the new order, socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society."


 5. Use of the Wrap Up SMEAR used against Brett Cavanaugh and Donald Trump. “You demonize and then you…We call it the WRAP UP SMEAR…You want to talk politics…You smear somebody, with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you merchandise it. And then you (THE PRESS) write it and they will say it is reported in the Press saying this, this, this and this and it gives it validation And then you merchandise it. It’s a tactic “ Pelosi, October 13, 2019. 


All of these tactics are used against Marjorie Taylor Green in Turner’s attack on the Republican Party. Yet in spite of the slander and lies, Marjorie Taylor Greene courageously stands against the Democrat agenda. She “stands in the gap” supporting all of us regardless of the intimidation and confrontation she receives from the Left.


And so I stand in support of Marjorie Taylor Green.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Covid the Delta Variant

As a public service, let me tell you, just because you are vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get COVID the Delta Variant. Sounds like a novel, doesn't it? Like the disaster movies I am now watching on You Tube. This morning at 2:00 I could not sleep and assessed the deep cough, runny nose, slight headache behind my eyeballs, and aches and pains (arthritis right?). No fever registering on my new fangled thermometer that scans and you don't have to stick under your tongue. No fever, no infection. Right? Wrong. So why would I decide to leave my comfy bed and go to the Emergency room? Apparently God was not going to let me sleep unless I did. 

Cecily Ramsey]who is usually with me was in Mobile with Drew. Thank God. With her chronic illness here with me was the last place she should have been. And going anywhere at night is just not my style anymore. But Flowers is close. The nurse who checked me in stuck the long q-tips up my nose and did a thorough smear. Painful, but brief. When they brought me back to the ER I also got an X-Ray. Fortunately it looked good. But I tested positive for Covid the Delta Variant. 

 Because I thought my vaccination made me immune to Covid, I attended the Marjorie Taylor Green Event, went to UPS to mail medicine to Cecily Ramsey, had sense enough to skip Sunday school, attended the Republican Executive Committee Meeting, Signed papers to sell our home in PC and faxed them to the title company at UPS on Apple Drive, felt bad enough to cancel two appointments on Wednesday, and by this morning at 2 am decided I should go to the Flowers ER and let them check me out. I must admit I was shocked when the nurse came in and said, "You tested POSITIVE for Covid." 

I came home and texted my family and friends that I had been with recently to put them on the alert for symptoms. Sister Sylvia (Dr. Rushing who insisted that I get the vaccine) and brother-in-law Tom were packing up to go out of town for a seminar when Tom brought his phone off the charger and told Sylvia, "Sharman has Covid. We're not going anywhere." She called immediately after canceling with the seminar and later went and picked up the Z-Pak (Zythromycin) and the steroid the ER doctor and nurse practitioner prescribed) for me along with every vitamin the herbalist at CVS recommended. She also brought Mucus Extended Relief with (and this is important) Guaifenesin Extended release. Elkanah Burson emphasizes that I need to take two 1200 mg to loosen the mucous in the lungs. You do not want to drown in those fluids! I have been instructed to keep a record of my oxygen levels (she brought me an oxygen checker, temperature, blood pressure, etc. and to write a journal to write THE BOOK). She brings these things to the front door and I pull the shades from the window and she inspects me. I am blessed. So far I pass muster. Between her and Dr. Frank Crocket, I will make it through this. 

 Sylvia is sooo concerned about people not getting the vaccine. She reminds me that the ones she sees in the hospital on ventilators are mainly not those who have been vaccinated. So many previously healthy young people and now, children. Tomorrow I will call the places I visited and inform them. 

 Have any of you read Alexander Solzeneitzyn's novel, The Cancer Ward. It is a story of a ward of cancer victims in the Gulag (a Russian point of horror, incarceration, and cold.) The book builds around the people the hero encounters there in that ward. I must say I was reminded of that book today as I went to have the INFUSION the nurse practitioner recommended and told me to call and get in line for at Flowers. You cannot get this infusion if you are sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. It is Out Patient. But one enters through the Digestive Health Entrance next door. The whole group taking the infusion is called from their cars to meet the nurse at the door who guides you through a labyrinth of corridors back to the corner of the hospital with one examining table and one chair. The infusion machine can handle two lines. 

Abby, a beautiful wonderful nurse, skillfully put in the IV, something very important to me because I have a phobia about needles. Something about my Daddy chasing me around the table in the examining room at his office on South Oates with me screaming with every step and the waiting room full of patients waiting to be seen and listening and then giving up only to bring the shots home from then on to pull me out from under the beds with mother helping to give me a shot. I go weak in the knees and the blood drains.... you get the picture. And then once I had a vein burst and the contents of an IV leak out onto the floor and flood the room while swelling up my hand and my arm. Memories... 

Susan, my roommate who had already claimed the cot, had different symptoms than me. She was throwing up and had diarrhea. She was doing everything she could to hold it in but she needed more covers, a throw up bowl and some ice bits to help settle her stomach. I assured her my sister said her partner, Dr. Gale, told Sylvia that the infusion made him feel better immediately when he had Covid. Unfortunately, the busy nurses were unaware of her needs and I was able to help get her another blanket, a pan o throw up in and some ice and water. It turned out it was a good thing that Susan was truly just a friend I just hadn't met yet and somehow we bonded. I gave her my card because I told her I want her to email me and let me know how she is doing after we part! 

I asked her where she thought she got Covid and she told me that a woman in her office got sick and told them she had gotten tested and was negative. She wasn't tested. She did. And everyone in the office got Covid. 

 I had noticed a lovely blonde woman sitting in the chair Cattycorner across the hall from our room. When they were able to complete the infusions on everyone in our little corner of the hospital, we lined up behind the Pied Piper nurse to leave. The lovely woman I had noticed across the hall looked up at me from her wheel chair to say, "Mrs. Ramsey, you were my eighth grade teacher. I am Caroline Holman." How delightful that was even in the middle of our current weird setting to see my sweet Caroline. I do hope my Headland friends will pray for her and check to make sure she and her family are taken care of. 

 Joseph in Genesis 45:5 And now, do not be distressed or angry with yourselves that you sold me into this place, because it was to save lives that God sent me before you. Genesis 50:20 As for you, what you intended against me for evil, God intended for good, in order to accomplish a day like this--to preserve the lives of many people. 

 We do not know why we are where we are. But we had to be where we were to be where we are and God will use it for good. 

 So today, in spite of having the shock of Covid, God has blessed me in so many ways. Drew Ramsey and Brittany Ballard Ramsey sent me lunch from Longhorn, Brooke Ramsey Evans went to the grocery store for me, and Sylvia and Tom brought me a fish sandwich from the wharf. I still have an appetite. Drew and Brittany in spite of already having had Covid went today and took the vaccine. They have children and the new form of Covid can be much more serious for children according to my sister who sees the consequences in her cardiology practice. 

When the nurse taking our history asked me if I had been losing weight I laughed and said, "That will never happen until I have been dead ten days." Susan laughed and said, "Me too." (I told you she and I bonded. Soul sisters. Though with her form of Covid she probably is losing weight. She lost taste and smell Sunday.) 

 Two guys from directly across the hall greeted us with "Roll Tide!" To which all of us in that hall responded with a "Roll Tide" back. Reminds me of when Joe and I would say our prayers. I would end with "Amen" and Joe would add "Roll Tide!" The Pied Piper nurse led us through a torturous maneuver of halls averting as many people as possible to the door at the Digestive Health some into rho part of the Flowers. I was glad to get home. 

 As part of the equipment Sylvia brought me I now have my very own oxygen measurer. I am warned if the oxygen measures less than 90 I am to go immediately to the Hospital. I an also chronicling Blood pressure, and temperature. I am well equipped now. You may also want to acquire these health meters. 

 I am ready to go onto heaven anytime but apparently God has some reason that I need to stay on here for awhile. 

Otherwise why did he send me to the hospital? 

 I'm curious why the papers I was given mention being quarantined even from our pet. Fortunately, Gigi sleeps in the shower and will still comfort me. I sure do miss Joe. All of us from the Infusion Ward appreciate your prayers.