Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Vile and Nasty Feminist v Church Lady

  • Diane Sullivan Reeves Joel Ramsey Vile and vulgar are the new moral standards for the Party of Family values, the 21st century Republican Party, got it!
  • Joel Ramsey Diane Sullivan Reeves Ms. Reevea you seem to be consumed by your hatred. I feel sorry for you. But I do have better things to do than communicate with a hater like you.
  • Sharman Burson Ramsey Diane Sullivan Reeves I wonder if you heard the language at the Woman's March. "Pussy" hats? Goodness gracious. The filth and the hate that came out of those women's mouths made me ashamed they called themselves women! Vile and vulgar is home cooking with the current Democrat party.
  • Diane Sullivan Reeves Sharman Burson Ramsey In case you missed it, the Pink Pussy hats were a mockery of you morally self-righteous church women who knowingly elected an admitted sexual predator as President of the United States. We are not the ones who wrap ourselves in the mantle of Christian values while knowingly electing a man who brags about grabbing women by their vaginas. If you like, I will happily post a verbatim transcript from the Access Hollywood recording, that was released just days before the 2016 election, of Trump’s bragging about his ability to force himself on women. Let me know and I will gladly post the verbatim transcript for you. Of course, your husband should be handy with the smelling salts when your demure church-lady persona is so insulted.
  • Sharman Burson Ramsey Oh, so you consider yourself in line with the pink pussy brigade of shameful females presuming to speak for all women. "Demure church-lady" has nothing to do with it. Common sense does. You tell me where you were when Clinton was raping women, molesting supporters and employees and abusing a young intern and Hillary was defending him. When the Left's hero Teddy Kennedy killed a woman and got off scott free and JFK brought Mafia girlfriends into the White House. Amazing, isn't it that that tape "appeared" days before the 2018 election. His policies now resonate even louder now that we find out that our Antibiotics are made in China and his China ban on air flights saved lives. I wonder that the pink pussy brigade has the nerve to claim any moral high ground when they support late term abortion and killing babies! Not giving women the opportunity for an ultrasound to make them aware of the consequences of their "choice." That locker room talk does not compare to the actions of some of the Left's heroes. Seeing those women with their vile, hateful speech turns my stomach. And if you want to call me a "church lady" I will proudly bear that label along with "Deplorable." 

    You have no sense of morality or shame and I find THAT deplorable. You reek of your own self-righteousness. What irony that you call others "self-righteous" because your self is the only one who sees any "righteousness" in your proclaimed morality.
  • Diane Sullivan Reeves Sharman Burson Ramsey First, don't you DARE preach at me about shameful women, especially from one who knowing elected a porn-star screwing sexual predator who brags about grabbing women by their vagina just because he has recently become anti-abortion.
  • Diane Sullivan Reeves First, I would NEVER presume to speak for you. I am a fierce FEMINIST who is the absolute equal of men, and I am a VERY Proud Member of the Shameful Women Pink Pussy Brigade because I stand with the absolute right of women to not be sexually assaulted or abused by powerful men - or any man. Unlike YOU, I refuse to grovel at the feet of a vile, vulgar man. I DO NOT tolerate rapists or abusers of women and girls.
  • Diane Sullivan Reeves Sharman Burson Ramsey And, Bill Clinton got IMPEACHED. In NO WAY did I approve of what he did. When it was proven, I was disgusted by Bill Clinton's behavior. He lost my support and respect as a result.
  • Diane Sullivan Reeves Sharman Burson Ramsey One last thing. I've noticed that you Trump Little Church Lady-groupies, when you can't rationally justify your support of Trump while at the same time declare yourselves to be morally superior, you always deflect away from his grotesque and vile behavior by dragging Bill Clinton into the discussion. That's just sad and pathetic.
  • Sharman Burson Ramsey No. I just point out the hypocrisy of the Left and their determination to support Feminists who grovel at the baby killers feet and justifying it as the right of a woman to choose. They should at least get the blood money when Planned Parenthood sells their baby's body parts. Just think what could have been "harvested" when Susan Smith sent her two sons to their watery grave in South Carolina. That was her choice. And her body was denied the boyfriend she wanted. 
    Feminists have led the way with their agenda to my three granddaughters probably being drafted should that come along again in the name of equity and equality. Women have participated in their supposedly righteous cause in empowering men, not women, and changing the laws so that the protections women once enjoyed have been replaced with mindless opposition. 
    Put on your stupid pink pussy hat and realize it meant nothing. No Church lady was offended. Just disgusted.