Mint Juleps and Murder

Mint Juleps and Murder

The Mint Juleps and Murder series, labeled by popular southern author, Michael Morris, the “’Ya Ya Sisterhood’ Meets ‘Murder She Wrote,” offers a brand new twist on a popular genre.

The Mint Juleps and Murder series is set at Waverly, an historic plantation house and family home located in fictional Cox County, Alabama. The series features two newly widowed sisters and a multicultural group of friends unique to the region. An inebriated Dabney Palmer Rankin finagles her way onto the Dishing It Network (DIN) using their grandparents' plantation home as a gimmick. She drags her vulnerable newly widowed sister and current owner of the plantation house, New Orleans cardiologist, Dr. Sophia Palmer Ransom, along with her. Problem is they cannot cook!

A dark and stormy night brings a knock at the door of Waverly late the evening of the funeral for Sophia’s husband.  The two sisters stumble into the mystery of the deaths of the adoptive parents of long lost, newly found cousin Julio Estevez who has shown up at Waverly in great distress. Now flying solo without a husband to guide them the widowed sisters step out of their comfort zone determined to solve a mystery and protect “family.” They blunder into further confusion when Dabney finds herself being pursued by the widowed anesthesiologist for her colonoscopy with Mel Gibson eyes, Richard Gere buns and Johnny Cash voice who shows up in New Orleans.

The grandparents' plantation home garners amazing international celebrity with the award winning Partyin’ on the Plantation. Some compare the two sisters to Lucy and Ethel and the show captures the affection of the public. Somehow Dabney acquires an archenemy out to kill her. Could the potential killer be connected to one of her admirers from the Five O' Clock Somewhere Mint Julep Hour held nightly at Waverly? A competitor on the Dishing It Network? An Episcopal priest?
Past lives and present loves complicate matters even further when the sisters get caught up in a mystery through a genetic memory that spans a millennia. Dabney encounters her first love and wonders is he friend or foe?  She must survive kidnappings and rescue Julio, solve the mystery of a missing child and a dead woman found in the Victory Garden across from Ruby T's Roadhouse. Could they possibly all be related to their relations?

Author of historical fiction published by Mercer University Press, Swimming with Serpents and In Pursuit, family history/cookbooks, and cozy mysteries, the Mint Julep series; adjunct professor of History; genealogist; Master Gardener, webmaster (; advisor on Southern Etiquette and Manners, Sharman Burson Ramsey, lives Panama City, Florida, with her retired attorney husband and standard poodle Gigi. Her sister, cardiologist Dr. Sylvia Burson Rushing, now owns the plantation home of their grandparents that inspired Waverly. Their husbands still live though contemplation of their demise inspired the series.

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