Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Civil War in Education: Why we should loose the bonds of enslavement to the Progressive Agenda and the National Education Association

This is a Power Point I prepared to present to a group of legislators who are accustomed to trusting "professionals." These "professionals" are the ones who have caused the problems and yet we trust them to fix them? This is a history of how we came to the position we are in now.
Sharman Ramsey, BSE, MSE

I I I want to add an addendum here. It might sound as if I have contempt for teachers and the teaching profession. On the contrary, teaching is my profession and I have the GREATEST respect for those teachers who succeed in teaching young people IN SPITE OF the stupidity of administrators out for power, prestige, politics and profit. They see teaching as a calling and have chosen the profession in spite of the problems. It is the circle the wagons necessity that they must participate in, defending the indefensible, in order to keep their jobs that I find contemptuous. Will’s words above are only too true about a large percentage of our teachers, unfortunately. They will not challenge the status quo.

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