Friday, September 1, 2017

Middle School Agenda for Sexual Orientation as a part of Multicultural Education

 Middle School Agenda for Sexual Orientation as a part of Multicultural Education

I will let you read the sessions for this 1994 Convention for the National Middle School Association to determine for yourself if there is a national agenda for a certain political and world view. Are these teachers prepared to handle psychotherapy in their classrooms? Are they truly prepared to address the impact these topics and presentation on the individual child? Are parents aware of what is now considered a part of public education?

I kind of thought schools were to teach Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, History and Science. When did the education establishment presume to assume as their role the enlightenment of our 11 year old Middle School children on whether they are gay, lesbian or bisexual? 

As I have written, secular humanism is now the established religion of our schools. Values clarification teaches that behavior should be the result of free, uninfluenced, autonomous choice, based on personal analysis of a given situation coupled with the moment's emotions and desires. And, of course, these children (11 - 15) are well-equipped to handle this information.

I am being sarcastic here. You see, I was a late bloomer. At 15 I was still playing with Barbie dolls with my little sister (6 yrs younger). I was innocent of the words that must be explained even in the simple descriptions of the topics of this seminar. My parents would have been appalled. Just as I am as a grandmother of five. Our schools have no business sexualizing our children. 

I believe that "as a man thinketh, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7)  It is our responsibility as parents to protect the minds and hearts of our children just as we protect them physically. It is my belief that topics such as this belong with the parents and family. And yet, you cannot opt out as this is integrated into the curriculum. When Goals 2000 mandated the rewrite of local board bylaws, the local watchdogs of curriculum were kicked out any oversight. By the way, you paid for those experts to impose that on your community.

Does behavior modeling attitudes and beliefs apply here?

We saw this sexual orientation agenda included in the Conflict Resolution Curriculum for pre schoolers.

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