Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Understanding of Sharia Law

A young friend wrote and asked about a comment I made referring to Sharia Law when posting a link to an article on Khizr Khan who spoke at the Democratic Convention.

"I hope you are well.  I read a post where you mentioned shariah law. Tell me, what do you understand about it?"

This young lady has been a very good friend of our oldest daughter and I have always found her and her entire family delightful. I answer her question with great respect.

1. First, you must understand, I am an American with ancestors who landed here on the Mayflower, some who helped found Jamestown, and some who were among the Native Americans who received them here. My family has probably participated in all of the battles that have been fought in this country, including the American Revolution. This country and its institution are dear to me. I believe America offers the world's best hope for freedom and opportunity.

2. I believe in the concept E Pluribus Unum that is on the great seal of our country, our currency, and elsewhere. It means "out of many, one." But citizens must be willing to become one of the "one" or we lose the tranquility provided by our Constitution.

3. I believe that the Constitution of our great country embodies the supreme law of our land delineating the national laws of our land. This supreme law guarantees the rights of all Americans.

4. I believe that the reason our country has worked so well for the millions of people who have come from other countries is because those who came sought the freedoms that were afforded them under this Constitution and were willing to assimilate, learn English and participate as an equal citizen under our laws.

Now for Sharia and how I see it in relation to the Constitution.

5.  From what I see of Sharia Law, it is a separate Islamic system of laws and courts that would deny an American the freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution.  Countries that abide by Sharia Law cut off the hands of thieves, value women at less that of men, kill apostates, infidels (non-believers), blasphemers and those who commit sexual crimes as delineated by Sharia. Christians are being beheaded for their beliefs in countries that enforce Sharia Law.


            Theft is punishable by the cutting off of the right hand.
            A Muslim will get the death penalty for killing a Muslim but not a non-Muslim.
            A Muslim will be forgiven for murder of an apostate, a highway robber and an adulterer.
            A master will not be punished for killing his slave.

            A woman can only have one husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives.
            A Muslim woman who marries a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
            A man can marry a baby girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
            A girl’s clitoris should be cut (According to the Quran).
            For a woman to prove that she was raped, she needs the testimony of four male witnesses.
            Homosexuality is punishable by death.
            A dowry is given in return for a woman’s sexual organs.
            Sharia still participates in slavery and sex slavery.  A Master is not punished for killing his slave.
            When a woman is raped, the rapist is often not required to marry her, but only pay the bride price.
            A rapist may only be required to pay the bride-money (dowry) without marrying the rape victim

            A man can divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband’s permission to divorce him.
            A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
            A woman who was raped cannot testify in court against the rapist.
            A woman can only testify in court about property cases and her testimony only carries half of the weight a man’s does.
            A woman can only inherit half the amount a man does.
            A woman loses custody of her children if she remarries.
            If a wife is found rebellious then her husband is no longer obligated to support her.
            If a wife is found to be rebellious this gives the husband the right to beat her and stop her from leaving the house.
            Only a husband is allowed to divorce his wife. He can make the divorce official simply by saying: “I divorce you”.
            A woman must cover every part of her body because it is considered a sexual organ (Awhrrah). Some Sharia schools will allow   the face of the woman to be exposed and some will not.
            A man is forgiven for killing his wife at the time he caught her in the act of adultery. A wife cannot do that because the woman she caught her husband with could be his wife.
            Women in low level jobs cannot retain custody of their children when divorced.
           A husband and wife’s possessions are not shared during the marriage, and a wife is not entitled to her husband’s things if he dies.
            Men can have sex with women captured in battle or slave women. If they are married, the marriage is annulled.

            To criticize or deny any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
            A Muslim who stops being a Muslim is punishable by death.
            To criticize or deny that Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
            A Muslim who is lead away by a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
            To criticize or deny Allah (the moon god) of Islam is punishable by death.
            Muslims can only eat meat that has been sacrifice to Allah (be Halal).
            A Muslim who leaves Islam is to be killed immediately.
            Non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims. They must follow Sharia law to be kept safe. They cannot marry Muslim women, have wine or pork in public, read their scriptures or openly celebrate funeral or religious holidays.
            Non-Muslims are forbidden from building new churches or building them higher than a Mosque.
            Non-Muslims cannot enter a mosque without permission.
            A non-Muslim is not protected if he leads a Muslim away from Islam.
            A non-Muslim cannot inherit from a Muslim.
            A Muslim cannot sell weapons to anon Muslim who will use them against Muslims.
           Non-Muslims cannot say anything derogatory against Allah, Islam or Muhammad and they cannot curse a Muslim. But a Muslim can curse a non-Muslim.
            Banks must follow Sharia law and they are not allowed to charge interest.
            Sharia law advocates the death penalty in these ways: Beheading, stoning, amputation of limbs, and flogging.
            Testimony in court is not accepted from the lower class workers.
            In order to support Jihad, Islamic law, and advance Islam, Muslims are obligated to lie (Tagiyya). They are told not to feel guilty, and are not punished for it.
            Honor killing is not punished.

           It is the duty of every Muslim to follow Jihad, which means: “To war against non-Muslims to establish the religion”. 
           The head of state is called a Caliph. Caliphs who do not follow the Sharia law are considered unfit to rule.
            A Caliph (head of state) can obtain the office through force (Seizure of power).
            Caliphs are exempted from being charged with certain crimes such as: murder, adultery, theft and sometimes rape.
            It’s mandatory for a percentage of Zakat (charity money) to go to Jihad.
            All commands of the Caliph whether just or unjust, must be obeyed.
            The Caliph must not be a slave and he must be a male.
            The Caliph must be removed by the public (Muslims) if he rejects Islam.

6.  Countries that practice Sharia Law include: Egypt, Mauritania, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the Maldives, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and certain regions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates.

7.  From everything I have read, Sharia Law sees as a universal goal of Islam an obligation to jihad against non-believers.
While many may argue what jihad really means, apparently a large number of Muslims have taken this edict to heart interpreting it as does the Muslim Brotherhood. Many have become radical jihadist terrorists:

“It is in the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” —Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-banns

“...change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death just as the enemies pursue life,” said Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Muhammed Badi in a September 2010 sermon.

Let me clarify. My doctor is Muslim. I have friends who are Muslim. I have great respect and fondness for the young lady who asked me to clarify my understanding of Sharia Law. But, I in no way, shape, or form believe that Sharia Law has any place in America. We are a nation of laws that guarantee freedom and equality to our people!

7. As for Khizr Khan, he is an immigrant from Pakistan who before immigrating to the US published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic Law over "man made" Western Law.

 “The invariable and basic rules of Islamic law are only those prescribed in the Shari’ah,” Khan writes in an academic paper entitled "Juristic Classification of Islamic Law." “All other juridical works… must always be subordinated to the Shari’ah.” 

And yet Khan waved the Constitution condemning Trump of not understanding and supporting it. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Soros, Alinsky, NCEE, and Clinton: First you must Polarize

George Soros and Hillary Clinton

Saul Alinsky on Americans as quoted by Hillary D. Clinton in her thesis
"There is only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model":  

"They are a people creating a new bridge for mankind in between the past of narrow nationalistic chauvinism and the horizon of a new mankind--a people of the world.

"In order to organize, you must first polarize. People think of controversy as negative. They think consensus is better. But to organize you need a Bull Connor or Jim Clark."

 (Astor quoted in thesis)

Why do the elites of the Republican Party now seem determined to dump the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump to help get Hillary Clinton elected? Because George Wallace was right long ago. There's not a dime's worth of difference between the leadership of the Democrats and the Republicans. The same puppet masters pull the strings of both parties. Apparently, the Parties have simply been tasked to press different hot button (polarize) social and religious issues in order to allow people to think they have put "their people" in office (already organized with the answers for issues THEY want passed). 

Then along came Donald Trump. Who doesn't know how to talk the talk or walk the walk of the anointed ones. He has his own money to run with and is not dependent upon them. Offering a true alternative. The elitist media is in a frenzy twisting his words to play upon the emotions of the public. Creating conflict and polarizing groups, from which their candidate, Hillary Clinton, trained well by Alinsky, has focus grouped, organized solutions. She will play loose with the truth and promise anything to get to the prize. In other words, the ends justifies the means.

This article is written specifically for my children who in their naivety think with their hearts and not their heads. I write this to share insight garnered in the trenches of the education arena, perhaps the first arena of psychological manipulation, since the late 1980s when working on my Masters degree. As a teacher I came to realize that large numbers of my secondary students were illiterate. I got involved and even ran for the school board (twice). My platform was "back to basics." The campaign against me was run out of the central office. Why were they so threatened?

I testified before a state committee on education. While in Montgomery, my friend and I went to the State Department of Education. We were told to wait and speak to the Assistant Superintendent of Education. While there we saw David Hornbeck getting our "grassroots" Alabama First education reform over the fax machine. 

What was happening was the manipulation of our country to the world view of an elite group of people who believe that our children are human capital for a global economy. In order to transform the schools to provide the workers for that economy they had to first "create a sense of crisis" and then use the courts to implement the answers they had already assembled. 

To achieve a total restructuring of education, the National Center on Education and the Economy's (NCEE) plan required an unprecedented link between education and government, and deliberately blurred the lines between federal Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services. In addition to Mario Cuomo, Tucker appointees to NCEE’s board of directors included Hillary Clinton; Ira Magaziner; vice-chair and Governor of North Carolina James Hunt; David Rockefeller; Adam Urbanski; president of the Rochester teacher union; Richard Mills, former Vermont education commissioner and current holder of the same post in New York; Dr. Lauren Resnick, described by newspaper columnist Bob Holland as the University of Pittsburgh “testing guru”; Vera Katz, liberal speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives; former Apple Computer CEO and Clinton campaign contributor John Sculley; and pollster Lou Harris. There are other NCEE board members, but this list sufficiently illustrates the singular vision of the NCEE politburo. (

On Sept. 25, 1998, Rep. Bob Schaffer placed in the Congressional Record an 18-page letter that has become famous as Marc Tucker's "Dear Hillary" letter. It lays out the master plan of the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it can serve national economic planning of the workforce.

The "Dear Hillary" letter, written on Nov. 11, 1992 by Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE), lays out a plan "to remold the entire American system" into "a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same system for everyone," coordinated by "a system of labor market boards at the local, state and federal levels" where curriculum and "job matching" will be handled by counselors "accessing the integrated computer-based program."

Tucker's plan would change the mission of the schools from teaching children academic basics and knowledge to training them to serve the global economy in jobs selected by workforce boards. Nothing in this comprehensive plan has anything to do with teaching schoolchildren how to read, write, or calculate.

Tucker's ambitious plan was implemented in three laws passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1994: the Goals 2000 Act, the School-to-Work Act, and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act. These laws establish the following mechanisms to restructure the public schools:

1.    Bypass all elected officials on school boards and in state legislatures by making federal funds flow to the Governor and his appointees on workforce development boards.

2. Use a computer database, a.k.a. "a labor market information system," into which school personnel would scan all information about every schoolchild and his family, identified by the child's social security number: academic, medical, mental, psychological, behavioral, and interrogations by counselors. The computerized data would be available to the school, the government, and future employers.

3. Use "national standards" and "national testing" to cement national control of tests, assessments, school honors and rewards, financial aid, and the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM), which is designed to replace the high school diploma.

Designed on the German system, the Tucker plan is to train children in specific jobs to serve the workforce and the global economy instead of to educate them so they can make their own life choices. ( 

 Human Capital is a series of essays, a manifesto of sorts. 

Table of Contents: 
Overview : why human capital? Why now? / Lester M. Salamon 
The need. The demographic and economic imperatives / Arnold H. Packer 
Women / Nancy S. Barrett 
]Immigrants / Ray Marshall 
The poor / Sheldon Danziger 
Components. Elementary and secondary education / Ernest L. Boyer 
Higher education / Donald M. Stewart 
Science and technology / Daniel S. Greenberg 
Employment and training / Marion Pines and Anthony Carnevale 
Social services / Marian Wright Edelman 
Roles, responsibilities, and resources. Human capital investment and federalism / R. Scott Fosler 
Financing human capital investment / Jason Juffras and Isabel V. Sawhill 
New paradigms for action / David W. Hornbeck

Several articles that I read in Human Capital jumped out at me. One outlined the process for the takeover of schools. First, create a sense of crisis and then use the courts to implement the plan. The NCEE succeeded there. Another article addressed using drugs as the answer to the world’s ills predicting that most Americans would need mind altering drugs of one sort or another. Another spoke to the wasted investment in education when women raised their children in the home and did not contribute to the GNP. 

As you can see, their goal was not just education, but control of the entire culture of our country.

What does this have to do with this election? Thus far the elites now represented by Hillary Clinton have most of the pieces in place.

The United States economy teeters with the trade deals these folks have made undermining nationalism for the benefit of the profit of a few, outsourcing jobs making us vulnerable and dependent on trade "partners.”

A sense of crisis presents itself with terrorism and extreme Islamic jihadists.

The Supreme Court is on the brink of total control by the elitists.

Just as Alinsky directed, the sense of crisis has been created and now Hillary and her supporters are ready to reap the benefit of their life's work.

The Queen of this agenda is now about to attain her throne. But will that be enough? The New World Order will soon need an authoritarian figure (or two), Perhaps a King and Queen?

"One of Hillary's greatest benefactors is George Soros. George Soros is widely understood to be the mastermind behind a global effort to institute a very significant wealth redistribution scheme. He loves to say that the rich should be poorer, the poor should be richer and that a high rate of taxation should be responsible for bridging the divide. In pursuit of making this agenda real, George Soros has poured millions, if not billions, in the coffers of soak-the-rich progressive politicians across the globe, but mostly in the United States, where his influence is felt across the Democratic party. He is the crowned king and leader of the great unwashed – those merry but dedicated few who still think Che Guevara is a hero to millions, that Communism would succeed if they only just tried it one more time, and that grilled cheese sandwiches are best made on a carbourator idling outside of a Grateful Dead cover band concert." (

"Soros, the master of financial manipulation, nearly bankrupted the Bank of England in 1992, and then caused economic upheaval in Asia in 1997; both done by controlling currencies in those countries. Billions of dollars of his money has been channeled through his offshore accounts to avoid taxes while he supports liberal causes around the world.  How can Hillary Clinton look the voters of this country in the eyes and say she’s against Wall Street corruption & greed, while taking in millions in donations from this fraudulent master of deceit?" (

There is a religious component to the great financiers of this modern world view, supporters of Hillary Clinton. For this I refer you to this article and implore you to read it:

I had almost given up that there would be any hope of maintaining our national sovereignty. And then Donald Trump appeared on the stage. Our David (flawed with feet of clay) would be our champion. He needs our prayers and our support. 

See also: Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals
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