Thursday, September 25, 2014

Behavior models attitudes and beliefs

"The protest at a busy intersection near Littleton marked a continuation of demonstrations that began Friday with a sick out from teachers upset over issues including the plan to focus on material that promotes patriotism and respect for authority."

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Years ago educators discovered that manipulating behavior molded attitudes and beliefs (Pavlov). That was when education shifted from Traditional to Progressive. Desks were shifted to having desks face (co-operative learning) with teachers as the "guide on the side," making the group Alpha, from having desks in lines (Individualism) with teachers as the Authority in the classroom. History became Social Studies and thematic education (taking issues in education from which to extract writing, literature, science, events, whole to part, a.k.a Whole Language as a movement). This supplanted the traditional method used for thousands of years utilizing chronology in developing a formative understanding of our past and a foundational, sequential understanding of science, Math and English -- skill upon skill, part to whole.

Many teachers love teaching those controversial topics that undermine patriotism by focusing on the most negative events in our history -- the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for example rather than developing an understanding of what led up to that event. Perhaps it fits their world view. Traditionalists among us discovered that teaching had become a subversive activity and suddenly traditionalists were outside the wagons that circled to defend the new status quo. Now students tell teachers what they need to know and the result is that we have developed a nation of self-confident, arrogant, entitled, extremely dangerous ignoramuses.

Who do you think encouraged the civic participation of those students skipping school to protest? Apparently the teachers on a "sick out" approved (and probably motivated) their actions. (Values free education? There are very definitely values being molded here. Just not those of the concerned, conservative parents.) District representative spokeswoman, Lynne Setzer, (administration?) said, "We're going to allow students to make their concerns heard."

What are these children and teachers protesting? A plan to focus class material on topics that promote patriotism and respect for authority while discouraging civil disorder. Please note the location here -- LITTLETON.

Remember what happened there? Perhaps we now have a clue why. When you continually focus on the negative, what does that do to the psyche of children while developing a Lord of the Flies mentality that children should rule? Reminds me of the Bible warning: "As a man thinketh, so is he." Traditionally there was a community standards committee that evaluated curricular and reading material. That went by the wayside when we paid the fox to enter the henhouse and rewrite the bylaws of the school boards to fit the Outcome Based Education agenda.

I started thinking about this again recently when I began a study of Southern manners. When a parent teaches a child to stand when an adult enters the room, say yes ma'am/sir, no ma'am/sir, please and thank you, to give up a seat on a bus or in the living room to a guest or elder, that a young man should stand should a woman comes to a table in a restaurant and continue to stand until that woman leaves, and to bow his head when grace is said, that parent has begun modeling the attitudes and beliefs of that child. The child is taught respect for authority and his elders, as well as self-discipline. Behavior models attitudes and beliefs.

Sorry folks, the blood of this old teacher and grandmother of five boils when I see what has happened to my profession and the minds and behavior of our children. And what my friends currently sincerely trying to teach are up against.

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