Monday, August 28, 2017

What is True Bigotry

It would seem that some espouse tolerance and diversity for gender, race and religion, but not of opinion. The definition of bigotry is: "intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself." Hillary Clinton was "horrified" that people would not support the results of an election when she thought she would be the winner, and yet, her supporters are now leading the march toward anarchy with their "resistance."

I voted for President Obama. I wanted my Black students to see that people from all races have the opportunity to be successful with hard work. I have written books promoting Black History. I am disgusted with identity politics, the disrespect for the laws of our nation and the undermining of the opportunities our system of government affords All people. I am disgusted by the venom and judgmentalism spewed by those who presume they hold the "high ground" simply by calling others "racist", a slanderous accusation meant only to incite. Where is reason? Where is proof of those accusations? 

I support President Trump wholeheartedly because as a History and English teacher I have seen our Education System caught up in the bigotry of low expectations. I have seen opportunities for ALL CHILDREN lost with the shift from academics to politics. Without the open forum of ideas and the castigation of a group as "deplorable", we limit our understanding, stifle progress and undermine our nation!

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