Thursday, June 28, 2018

Consequences. Would be funny if not so tragic

In 2017, according to IWB, Nancy Pelosi is worth around $196,299,990. CRPreported Pelosi’s average net worth in 2014 was $101,273,023 having ranked 8th out of 25 wealthiest members of Congress. According to Business Insider, Pelosi was worth $29,350,000 in 2012. Why is there such a massive increase in wealth in the last 5 years?
 The Leadership of the Democrat Party promotes:
  • No borders, 
  • No walls, 
  • Sanctuary for all. 
  • No Sovereignty. 
  • No Nation. 

MS13 members come as unaccompanied youth or as members of a pretend family. 


Regardless of the fact that some of these children on the border supposedly "separated from their PARENTS," come as kidnapped children abused by human traffickers for labor, adoption, or organ harvesting, Democrats demand they never be taken from adults, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,  so their real situation can be determined. It is all right by them that by keeping these children with the adults who claim them these children are NOT defended and protected.  Apparently, that is all right with the Democrats because this enlarges their voting block.

They PUSH indoctrination in within our schools of 
  • Masculine toxicity. 

  • White privilege.
Bill Ayers, Domestic Terrorist, is a leader in this movement. The colleges of education have become the domain of radicals throughout our country beginning with the establishment of the Department of Education under President Jimmy Carter. 

And the consequence is:

The chickens have come home to roost.

The fat cat Masters of the Democrat Plantation like Representative Joe Crowley (once considered to be the successor to Nancy Pelosi) thought there would be acceptance and appreciation for their support of these mantras -- policies they promote.


What has happened is the mob, including the Democratic Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has internalized these claims, decided they are justified in their mob rule including intimidation, and determined it will assume control. Representative Crowley, with ten terms promoting the ideology that, rather than rewarding him with the speakership he expected, the mob he created showed him the door. If you sow to the wind, you will reap the whirlwind.

Just what is Democratic Socialism?

It was Democratic Socialists that sought to intimidate Kristen Nielson in the restaurant shouting 
"No Borders, No Walls, Sanctuary for All."

This would be amusing to watch how the consequences have set up the situation for the mob to turn on its masters. But it endangers the lives of our citizens and the continuing existence of our country.

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