Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Slave Act of 1807: Power Point on the Clapham Sect and How Believers Changed the World

Last Sunday (February 12) I was the teacher for the Asbury Sunday School class at First Methodist Panama City. I had for a long time wanted to share with my class and others information about the Clapham Sect, a group of individuals who brought about the Slave Act of 1807. They are credited with being a major reason England did not succumb to the same fate of France with the French Revolution.
These men and women lived their religion -- and changed the world.

We began with a prayer. And then I started on the Power Point. The program was well-received. You are welcome to use this lesson if you feel so led.

I ended the lesson here with this song and the admonition, "Go ye therefore and do likewise." 
 The program was 45 minutes long. 

There is more to the story that may be of interest to scholars, but not necessary for the Sunday School class.

God bless you as you read this. God bless our wonderful country. I pray we become aware of our flaws.  Like John Newton, we need to recognize our sins and then dedicate our lives to rectifying the wrongs we have committed rather than attempting to justify our sin. Open our eyes, O Lord. Give us strength to live a life pleasing to You. 

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