Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let's Go to Prayer

"Let's go to prayer. I think we're going to have a real mountain of things to do, and all kinds of battles to fight on the natural level; we'll be fighting against the schemes of men, against all the curveballs hiding in the law courts, against the financial challenge this is going to be. But none of the battle is going to succeed if we don't fight first of all where the real battle is taking place, and that's in the spiritual realm."

I did not realize it until I presented the program to my Sunday School Class (my last post) that God had something more in mind than just a Sunday School Lesson. He had arranged an epiphany for me.

That Clapham Group, a small group of believers, had changed the world. God showed me the interior of that little church and brought to my attention the power of the prayers of those church members.


I think of John Newton who realized his sin in the midst of a storm and felt God's moving hand upon him, yet it took 38 years for that conversion to turn into action. He became the center of a movement that changed history.

Why him?

He became the mentor of a sickly young man, Wilber Wilberforce, playful, witty, companionable always ready for a prank. He was a man whose future was questionable.

Why him?

Hannah More, a jilted woman set to find her way in a world without a companion. But she had some talent, an education and connections. Yet she wrote a poem that changed the world, started Sunday schools, wrote plays and used social conversations to influence others.

Why her?

Men of letters joined with men of finance and politics in a church with a connection to one man, John Newton.

Why them?

Yes, God put His hand upon the most unlikely of individuals to bring about the end of a moral atrocity -- the Slave Trade.

That was nearly 300 years ago, but is there work for today?

The preparation for a New World Order has been in the works for a long time. Who will stand in the gap?

Perhaps you? Perhaps me?

1. The Department of Education was created after the approval of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was passed empowering leftists determined to change society by using our schools as their laboratories. By claiming they "had a heart" for children and were determined to bring equality to classrooms they also undermined a true education that brings about real freedom.

2. The Bible and prayer was removed from our schools while Secular Humanism became the religion of the schools. (See "http://sharmanbursonramsey.blogspot.com/2017/02/conflict-resolution-or-political-and.html)

Values clarification became their methodology (See also http://sharmanbursonramsey.blogspot.com/2016/12/take-knee.html).

3. Participants in the National Center of Education and the Economy set forth their agenda in  their manifesto, Human Capital. (See "http://sharmanbursonramsey.blogspot.com/2016/12/trumps-election-rejection-of-being.html)

 Hillary Clinton wrote in her letter to Marc Tucker on their "cradle to grave" agenda, the pieces were in place. (I also wrote about this in conspiracy of the left on my website (http://www.southern-style.com/Education/conspiracy_of_the_left.html listing the different Non Governmental Agencies on which the major players of this agenda serve -- including George Soros, major donor to Hillary Clinton, who now funds these "grassroots protests" through his Open Society.)

It was all over but the fireworks!

But God had a different idea. Prayers across America went up (See "My Prayer for America") and Donald Trump (why him?) got elected thwarting their celebration of the New World Order -- one government, one religion (Gaia).

Their preparations had begun years before.

A large group of dedicated visionaries had all the building blocks in place. The agenda was revealed in Human Capital, the manifesto of this leftist group proclaiming their vision for America, had been set in place. They had used the courts to create the "sense of crisis" necessary to instill their agenda. The Progressive activists had infiltrated our schools producing little agitators throughout the public schools across the country. While we were concerned with teaching them to read so they could know for themselves, these activist teachers were busy determining that the "dialogue" (Their definition of dialog is cultural empowerment.) control the reading classes and in the process instilling their sociopolitical world view rather than real literacy. (See excerpts from Human Capital included below and study the excerpts from the Whole Language Catalog on this blog.)

Schools across this country had been infiltrated by a group of revolutionaries seeking to undermine our country through the education of our children, shifting from academic excellence to political activism. (You doubt it? Watch this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVYKG49rgto)

While most of us were focused on the failure of our schools to produce literacy, these activists had achieved their goals of producing young people whose education had been limited by their word list and their ability to decode to a vocabulary of their vision of "social justice" through Whole Language reading instruction, Radical Math and a shift to multicultural literacy and a degradation of patriotism and nationalism. 

All cultures are equal, you see.

And then came the presidential election of 2016.

Vulgar language and profanities, violence in protests and riots vomited forth with a primal scream straight from the gates of Hell. 

There is much more behind this reaction than the mere response to an election.

The New World Order Crowd thought it was all over but the celebration.

God reminded me of books I had read,  Windswept House: A Vatican Novel by Malachi Martin, Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti and the power of the prayers of a handful of people against the onslaught of evil. Martin said 85% was reality in his book. (http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=12339)

The enemy had prepared ahead, but so had God. In, once again, an unlikely direction.

We got our champion elected, but he and his family and associates are under attack on every level. Governmental agencies infiltrated by the opposition counter the efforts of our duly elected president seeking to undermine the will of those who elected him.

Listen to the language of those who oppose him. Look at the licentiousness they endorse. Is there any doubt who is truly guiding this?

And then I wrote the Sunday School Lesson I gave February 12th, 2017. God placed those people who lived nearly 300 years ago, derogatorily labeled the Clapham Sect, and that church in my mind and on my heart. I am convinced that the prayers of those believers and the congregation that supported them loosed them to do the work God had set before them.

God now expects us to do our part.

So this is a call to prayer warriors across this land ...

That means you. That means me.

"Let's go to prayer. I think we're going to have a real mountain of things to do, and all kinds of battles to fight on the natural level; we'll be fighting against the schemes of men, against all the curveballs hiding in the law courts, against the financial challenge this is going to be. But none of the battle is going to succeed if we don't fight first of all where the real battle is taking place, and that's in the spiritual realm." 

Let's call upon the Lord and ask Him to help us and guide us through this thing. The Lord is not constrained to win by many or by few. If God is on our side, He'll bring things around just the way He wants them. Let's pray.  Peretti, Frank, Piercing the Darkness

*I am well aware that Peretti's and Martin's books are fiction. But authors frequently use stories to instruct us as Jesus did with his parables. Sometimes we need a bit of guidance to see what is going on here on earth from the heavenly perspective -- the other side of the tapestry.

Oh, yes. When I delivered my lesson Sunday an older man of God, a retired pastor, asked if I'd ever considered becoming a preacher. I did once. When I was a little girl and preached and made up songs to the beauty of God's world every Sunday morning from atop the slide in my back yard. I cannot climb that high any longer, but my husband reminds me that we have a much lower one in our back yard. I haven't tried that climb yet.  My hip replacement may impede the progress. 

However, folks, I'll bet we can all pray together in our comfortable chairs and homes. 

If you would like to share your prayer with me, email me at sharmanbursonramsey@gmail.com. I will read your prayer and it will be as if we were praying together. If enough prayers come in, I will set up a page on my website: www.southern-style.com so that as they read our prayers others might pray with us. If you do not want your prayer included, just tell me. 

After I wrote this early this morning, I went upstairs to find some socks and there in a drawer I seldom open, I found the book Angels on Assignment by Roland Buck (https://www.amazon.com/Angels-on-Assignment/dp/B004ZST9RS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1487277710&sr=8-3&keywords=Angels+on+Assignment). Remember, we have moved since I bought this book and much of my library did not make the move.

I had been questioning myself for stepping out as I had in posting this call to prayer. God left me a message in that book. Just seeing the book affirmed my belief that we are to pray and he will send angels to fight the battle. He wants us to call upon Him. He wants to give us a vision for spiritual warfare --to see things from the other side of the tapestry.

I bought this book in 1979. I am re-reading it again to day because I know God has a message for me in it.

Pastor Buck wrote:

I didn't ask this angel to identify himself, or to give any credentials. But, he said, "To set your mind at ease as to the authenticity of the visit, to erase any doubts from your mind, I want to give you some scripture references where I am referred to in God's word, and it's settled there!" and that is what he did! He was the angel who was with Zacharias, with Paul at the shipwreck, with Moses to scatter the enemies, and with Joshua. 

Again today I can hear the battle cry, "Rise up, Lord. Let your enemies be scattered," and already the angels have moved out for action!

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