Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Voting for President not Preacher

I have been long concerned about our perceived qualifications for our President in this 2016 election year. We need a leader with strength and ability. We are not voting for a preacher.

1. We need a President who will enforce our laws. That includes defending our borders. Trump realizes that illegal means illegal. Trump was the first to make this an issue.

2. We need a President who will make the very best trade deals for our country and will bring manufacturing back to America.

3. We need a President who will put America first and will invest in the infrastructure of our country. Other wealthy men who became President, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, did so in the past building roads, bridges, a park system, and public buildings that make us all proud. In the process, millions of people were employed. Trump is the only one to mention this.

4. We need a President who looks at the world as it is and not as how we want it to be. Other countries do not have a positive perception of our country though we want to think everyone loves us.  Of the last four Secretaries of State three have been women. While we might want to force our ideas of equality on other cultures, Middle Eastern countries do not have the same respect for women that Western cultures have. One of those Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton, underestimated the animosity of Libyans against our presence there and cost the lives of an ambassador and three other Americans in addition to the lives of soldiers, sailors and airmen put into harms way.

5. We need a president who realizes it is not America's roll in the world to nation build. Such actions  have produced the current instability in the Middle East. Continuing on with the same actions will merely produce the same results. The Hawks and Neocons in the Republican Party who have ridden the militaristic gravy train sacrificing American men and women in the service to their agenda are now instigating war within the Republican party to deny an honest participant in the election process the right to represent the party.

6. We need a President who will put American workers before Wall Street Bankers and corporations. John Kasich promoted NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. He took the Golden Parachute and worked with Lehman Brothers making $1.4 the year Lehman went bell up. And then he ran for governor and now runs as president promising to bring jobs in after giving them away.

7. We need an independent man as president, one not bought and paid for by special interests. Cruz and his wife Heidi both worked for George Bush when they met. The establishment, governors, senators, representatives and journalists including Bill Kristol's Weekly Standard, are now flocking to his side. Neil Bush who at 30 led Silverado Bank to become one of the S & L failures costing American taxpayers millions. He is now on Cruz' financial team. Donald Trump is funding his own campaign and is his own man.

8. We need a President who will say "you're fired" to those irrelevant governmental agencies and departments, can bring projects in on time and under budget, can read a bottom line and create a budget that fits our ability and not our aspiration. Trump is the only candidate who has created jobs, hired people and built beautiful projects throughout the world.

9. We need a President who sees ISIS and Muslim extremists as the threat they truly are to our people. We need to arm our soldiers with the best equipment, not that produced to answer a politically correct demand made by a politician with a self-interest. We need to take care of our veterans.

10. We need a President who realizes that the Department of Education is run by political hacks producing a politically correct product and not educated citizens. Common Core was co-opted by those hacks and now works to the detriment of our children Trump realizes that the government that works best is closer to the individual. Schools that work best must be answerable to the parents, not the politicians.

11. We need a President who cares about the people of this country and wants to make health care available and affordable with sensible health care reform.

12. We need a President who knows how to hire competent people who are the best at what they do, not simply reappoint those who got us into this fix. 

That man is Donald Trump.

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