Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Power Brokers Pervert the Process

The Financial Page, "Economic Populism at the Primaries," The New Yorker, February 22, 2016

"A week ago Sunday, one of the two eventual winners of the New Hampshire primaries assailed the power of corporate lobbyists of the U.S. government, labeling them "blood-suckers." He attacked defense contractors for forcing the government to buy missiles it didn't need. He blasted oil companies and insurers. And he vowed to use the bargaining power of the U.S. government to drive down drug prices."

Is it any wonder the power brokers in Washington, their puppets in government and parasites in associated businesses are quaking in their boots? And so they have begun what in the industry is called Negative Advertising. Check out this website:!negative-public-relations-/cp1 where this agency proudly proclaims:

"Negative public relations, also called dark public relations, is a process of destroying the target's reputation or corporate identity. The objective in Negative Public Relations  is to discredit someone else, who may pose a threat to the client's business or be a political rival. Common techniques include using dirty secrets from the target, producing misleading facts to fool a competitor."

The power of these puppet masters can nowhere be more obvious than with the past few weeks of Marco Rubio's rhetoric. Their command was to take Trump down with insults. The result made Rubio look like a little boy whose mother told him it was okay to use potty words. He reveled in the opportunity but it made him look smaller. It also looked like he had no core principles since he was doing just what he condemned in his competitor. 

I am afraid I must agree with Jeff Sessions: 

 “This election is our last chance to save U.S. sovereignty and to end the domination of the political establishment over the interests of working Americans. Trump alone has rejected the donor class, defending America’s jobs and wages from open borders, uncontrolled immigration and the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership that will cede U.S. authority to foreign powers. Trump’s trade and immigration plans will revitalize our shrinking middle class, keeping jobs and wealth and income inside the United States of America. Trump understands that a nation must always place the interests of its own people first.”

Hopefully, the public will see through these intimidation tactics and will not allow the elitist power brokers, Hawks who haven’t seen a war they didn’t want our young men and women to fight or a trade deal for which they weren’t ready to sell out the American people, to pervert the democratic process.

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  1. So far people seem to be wise to their tactics. Hopefully, they will continue to do so as the elitist power brokers are stepping up their anti-Trump rhetoric.


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