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The Chicago Connection to Common Core


Let's see. 

Chicago has probably the worst schools in the nation, yet the Chicago Anenburg project spent at least $387 million to improve education in Chicago. 
Hillary Clinton is from Chicago, wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky, also of Chicago.

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Bill Ayers former Weatherman got off on a technicality thanks to his wealthy father and went into school curriculum. He was an official of the Chicago Anenburg project ...along with Barack Obama. The CAC, a multi-million dollar left-wing foundation was controlled by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers hired Barack Obama as Chairman of the Board of the CAC, even though he had no experience whatsoever. Ayers, who supposedly didn't have any relationship with Obama, put the younger man in charge of roughly $110 million and thereby jump-started his career.

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Including those involved in the Chicago Annenberg Project are the major writers of Common Core included David Coleman, known as the architect of Common Core. He is the son of the former president of Bennington College, Liz Coleman, graduate of the University of Chicago, a big proponent of big government and Marxist ideology. 

Coleman and Zimba, co-founders of the New York based GROW network, came to Chicago to produce data studies for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) at the time Obama was on the CAC Board brought on board by Bill Ayers and Chicago’s Superintendent of Schools, Arne Duncan--later U.S. Secretary of Education. CAC paid $2.2 million for the services of Coleman and Zimba in data studies.

Coleman’s prior association with Bill Ayers, Barach Obama and Arne Duncan probably helped his appointment to the Common Core development. 

Or it could be Coleman’s philosophy: “These standards are the most serious attempt this country has yet made to come to grips with those early sources of inequality.” 

Coleman has no background as a teacher. He is now president of the College Board (yearly salary $550,000 total compensation $750,000) and will make changes to the SAT to make it more socially just. (This should set up red alert warning flags for Home and Christian schooled children who will need to pass these tests to get into college.)

Ayers of Weatherman fame and his wife, and co-conspiritor, Bernadine Dohrn, continue to write and speak on revolutionary topics. 

Ayers is also a promoter of Antifa.

Look at some of the materials in Common Core, promoted by Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education, also of Chicago. 
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Ayers and his wife wrote a book recently, Race Course Against White Supremacy. Odd that Common Core includes that topic.

This makes me feel oh so very good about what is in our children's text books. Check out Alinsky's rules for radicals. I would say they are on track.

Oh, yes, Chicago has at least a terrible illiteracy rate. So maybe that Chicago Anenburg Project was a practice test for Common Core. And maybe it succeeded... if anarchy is your goal.

I dare you to follow the link on the link and read the article below on social justice.

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