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Pearson Publishing and Common Core

This morning (April 17, 2018) Fox and Friends interviewed a girl in the Milwaukee School System who read through a book being considered by her school system. It is of course published by Pearson.  She had the courage to point out the political bias in the book. 


This is Social Studies.
But then you can also see the undermining of Math Education. This is something I saw firsthand in my own granddaughter’s struggle at a Bay County Charter School. My daughter, a computer engineer, could not help her. 

I checked to see who published the mathematics book my granddaughter’s teacher used. It was published by Pearson, the largest education publishing company in the world. 

Pearson is connected to the hydra headed cabal promoting Common Core. (My own children learned Math with Saxon mathematics. One became a computer engineer, another holds a Masters in Marketing and another holds a Masters in Operations Management. So Pearson Math makes no sense to any of us.)

The Cabal begins with Bill Gates because money talks. But, is he involved with education because of altruism? Bill Gates is a Master Marketer. His first super success story was gifting computers to schools across the country. (See the movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley). Parents who wanted their children to have an edge on other children then had to buy a PC (personal computer) and the race was on. And now, as if that didn’t make him rich enough, he sees the computer taking the place of the teacher and Pearson, partnered with Gates, is along in this cabal restructuring education with e-books to profit even further. We are talking Billions to Trillions of dollars. (By the way, the license for those computers your school board just bought will be out in 3 years and they will have to update. Smart marketing. But good education?)

Pearson has bought up all of these imprints (publishing houses)

And why do we want children at computers? Because that is the most effective way to change attitudes and beliefs and collect data on how each lesson has succeeded. (Let me just mention here that some wonder if Wi-Fi waves contribute to the growing epidemic of autism. Just a caveat.)

Every keystroke provides more information to the data collectors behind the process lifted up to the cloud. (Watch the movie Snowden to see what he reveals about government data collection.) 

I venture to say this has more to do with collecting information and changing attitudes and beliefs than it does to academics.

You think that cloud is secure and your personal information isn’t collected there-- to determine the job your child will get and every other aspect of their life. Every study conducted has proven that CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) is inferior to direct instruction in teaching academics. Traditional Sage on the Stage (the Progressives’ derogatory name for traditional teachers) instruction has been replaced by computers with teachers becoming more and more simply mere technicians with Progressive Guide on the Side instruction as full blown Common Core makes it into our schools.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has fallen into the trap and has introduced a bill co-authored with Patty Murray to extend data collection on all citizens.

Notice the math problem?  The "old" way of answering is multiple choice which is dependent on the student knowing his/her math facts.  The common core way is language dependent and has less to do with math facts than it does with explaining how you came to the answer.  Remember, this is 3rd grade.  Note that this student prefers multiple choice because he/she can "think" about the possible answers. 

These are examples from Missouri. If you see odd questions like this brought home by your child, please email them to us at panhandleeagleforum@gmail.com.

Strangely, the Chamber of Commerce and the PTA support this! But then, one of the major goals is to level the playing field by dumbing education down to the lowest common denominator so you lift some and bring others down so that all children perform at the same level.  This school-to-work agenda provides a malleable workforce with basic skills. But not with Bill and Malinda Gates’ children because they go to a private school as do President Obama’s daughters. 

One wonders if the substantial contributions made by Gates to the Chamber has influenced their support and promotion throughout the country. Donna Garner, Texas educator and blogger writes: 
The U. S. Chamber of Commerce released its video entitled ‘it’s time for Common Core State Standards.’ What the U.S. Chamber of Commeerce does not bother to mention is that they have received a $1.38 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation--’to lead the effort to engage and educate state and local chambers to support Common Core State Standards.

What they did not include in this video is any actual peer-reviewed, replicated, independent research to prove that Common Core Standards will raise academic achievement. The reason none of this research is included is that no such research exists. The Common Core Standards are not internationally benchmarked and have no research to prove their academic excellence. They were written mainly by a handful of people, some of whom have never taught a day in their lives in K-12.

The Common Core Standards are the worst, most destructive, and most expensive education fad our country has ever seen. (Orlean Koehle, The Three Cs of Common Core)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce video is clearly a puff piece relying upon all 7 of the oft-used propaganda techniques-bandwagon, name calling, transfer, loaded words, plain folk, glittering generalities, and testimonials.

(I guess this fits in with the UN ***Tasks for the media division of UNESCO (will be) to promote the growth of a common outlook shared by all nations and cultures...to help the emergency of a single world culture...****)

4. So who wrote these standards?

The World Core Curriculum and the UNESCO agenda has already been mentioned, but Americans had to be processed to consider this an American product. 

So, who did it?

Common Core is financed with over $150 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The collaboration of the Gates Foundation and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been well publicized.  In addition, Gates, on behalf of his Microsoft Corporation, signed a 26-page Cooperation Agreement in 2004 between Microsoft and UNESCO to develop a “master curriculum” which included benchmarks and assessments.  The agreement stipulates that “UNESCO will explore how to facilitate content development.”

As pointed out earlier, testing is critical to seeing how effectively the curriculum has been in successfully adjusting the attitudes and beliefs of your child to fit the UN goals.

So there is the funding and the origin of this movement. But how were Americans processed to accept this? Who were the movers and shakers of this supposed move to federalize curriculum?

Ever hear of Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers? Ever hear of the SDS and the Weather Underground that bombed police buildings in San Francisco, Berkeley, Detroit, Michigan, New York City, the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol Building and he National Guard Building in Washington from 1969 to 1970? 

Ayers, who came from a wealthy Chicago family with an influential father who got him off the hook for his crimes, became a professor of education at the University of Chicago and was elected Vice President of Curriculum studies by the American Educational Research Association. Bernadine became a lawyer and once worked with the same firm as Barack Obama. Obama worked with Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) for 8 years before he launched his senatorial campaign from the Ayers’ living room. The CAC processed $110 million ($60 million public funds) to improve Chicago schools with no discernible results.

Ayers published a radical manifesto called Prairie Fire--The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism calling for a revolution against the evil Empire of America and capitalism, which he saw as the root of all evil:

“My job is to help you succeed” in adopting common national standards” said the new U. S. Department of Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, an associate of Ayres in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in 2009. 

He claimed that the States had initiated the process, though the 2007 non-elected commission igniting a national curriculum consisted of only 15 people, headed by two former governors funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The US Education Delivery Institute (USEDI) would train leaders in Common Core. Founded in May, 2010, USEDI is headed by British citizen, Sir Michael Barber, atheist and globalist, who is also Chief Education Officer for Pearson Foundation, the largest publishing company in the world. Companies that also make up the Pearson conglomerate include Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, Allyn and Bacon, Benjamin Cummings and Longman.

The major writers of Common Core included David Coleman, known as the architect of Common Core. He is the son of the former president of Bennington College, Liz Coleman, graduate of the University of Chicago, a big proponent of big government and Marxist ideology. Coleman’s prior association with Ayers, Obama and Arne Duncan probably helped his appointment. Or it could be his philosophy: “These standards are the most serious attempt this country has yet made to come to grips with those early sources of inequality.” He has no background as a teacher. He is also president of the College Board (yearly salary $550,000 total compensation $750,000) and will make changes to the SAT to make it more socially just. (This should set up red alert warning flags for Home and Christian schooled children who will need to pass these tests to get into college.)
Susan Pimentel assisted Coleman in writing the English Language Arts Standards. Apparently she shares his disdain for literature calling it “imaginative writing.” 

Coleman’s childhood friend, Jason Zimba, teaches mathematical physics at Bennington College and like Coleman attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He admitted that his creation, the Common Core math standards, would only prepare students for a minimum junior college level--not STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). 

Coleman and Zimba, co-founders of the New York based GROW network, came to Chicago to produce data studies for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) at the time Obama was on the CAC Board brought on board by Bill Ayers and Chicago’s Superintendent of Schools, Arne Duncan--later U.S. Secretary of Education. CAC paid $2.2 million for the services of Coleman and Zimba in data studies.


THREE FEDERAL LAWS FORBID IT! The Federal Department of Education shall not be involved in developing, supervising or controlling instructional materials or curriculum.


Whatever is not written into the Constitution is reserved to the states and local control. 

“So, to get around these laws, the Federal Department Of Education (founded October 17, 1979 by President Jimmy Carter as a payoff to the National Education Association for their support) paid others to do what they are forbidden to do. But since taxpayer dollars helped pay for the meetings and bribed the State governors to sign ondoes that not make Common Core federal, which is illegal? 

It took this poster in a middle school (11-14 year olds) to wake some parents up. Sex Education is to be "INTEGRATED" into all classes. 

California Pastor Chad Vegas told a group of parents: 

It is now law in CA that your children must be taught how to have safe homosexual sex, how to obtain an abortion, and that gender does not correspond to biological sex.
California public schools are lost...your children are being indoctrinated into radical secularism. We must wake up to the reality of where our state has headed. We must prepare the church to live as sojourners in a foreign land, a land that feels more foreign by the day.

Pearson is listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange, with the Libyan Investment Authority, founded by Muammar Gaddafi’s sons, as its biggest financial contributor.

There is so much more in articles I have written on this blog. If you care read some more.

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