Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stand Against the Evil at the Gate

I find it interesting that the timeout on immigration from seven countries with ISIS strongholds is getting such a reaction. I'll bet these people lock their doors at night to protect their children. I'll bet they check out the parents of their children's friends before allowing their children to go play or spend the night with them. I'll bet they purchase homes in safe neighborhoods in which their children will play and select safe schools for their children. 
So when our duly elected President decides to secure the doors to our national home and check out those who want to live among us they become irrationally disapproving. 
I wonder if those unvetted immigrants were coming to their neighborhood would they be so critical of caution. Isn't it logical to admit those who want to assimilate into our country, respect and adhere to our Constitution, rather than those eager to spread Sharia Law throughout the world. The goal of ISIS (acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is to create a unified, Muslim territory in order to enforce its extremist beliefs. ISIS also believes it will play a key role in an impending apocalypse, and its activities largely derive from that belief.
As CNN puts it: ISIS makes no secret of its ultimate ambition: A global caliphate secured through a global war. To that end it speaks of "remaining and expanding" its existing hold over much of Iraq and Syria. It aims to replace existing, man-made borders, to overcome what it sees as the Shiite "crescent" that has emerged across the Middle East, to take its war -- Islam's war -- to Europe and America, and ultimately to lead Muslims toward an apocalyptic battle against the "disbelievers."
And we are not to defend our country and our babies against this group who has declared WAR UPON US and upon whom we have declared WAR? 
I wonder where was the outrage when the Christians who were being persecuted within IRAQ and SYRIA and other Muslim countries were not a priority for our past president. 
The Islamic State’s desecration and destruction of historic sites of religious and cultural heritage is unprecedented in Iraq. In Mosul, ISIS has turned an 800-year-old house of worship into a place of torture. Churches in Mosul are also utilized as a prison and as a weapons storehouse.Religious minorities in Iraq are living on the edge of extinction. (“Edge of Extinction: The Eradication of Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Iraq,” 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative,…/…/edge-of-extinctionfinal.pdf (accessed October 15, 2015)).
Fortunately saner heads have prevailed against our precious Snowflakes who lead with their hearts and not their heads. We must be vigilant to protect our grandchildren against the monsters who would pretend to be our friends while plotting our demise. And, yes, we must also defend our friends of the Muslim faith who might find these aliens thrust into their midst, unsettling their lives and indoctrinating their children with radical jihad masquerading (dissembling) as one who adheres to a true faith. 
Taqiya (Arabic: تقیة‎‎ taqiyyah/taqīyah, literally "prudence, fear, caution")[1][2] is an Islamic term referring to precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution.[3][4][1][5] Another term for this concept, kitmān (lit. "action of covering, dissimulation"), has a more specific meaning of dissimulation by silence or omission.[6][7](Wikipedia) 
This practice is emphasized in Shia Islam whereby adherents are permitted to conceal their religion when under threat of persecution or compulsion.[3][8] However, it is also permitted in Sunni Islam under certain circumstances.[9][
As long as I have breath in my body, I will stand against the evil at the gate and will protect my children and grandchildren. I am glad my president is my ally.

---------------------------This response is from the son of dear friends of mine who works in the State Department. I am very proud of him. That said, I would still rather err on the side of caution. We can now make accommodations and go from here.  

"Sharman, I respect your opinion, but they are not unvetted, especially the refugees. The refugees are more vetted than any other entrant to the United States. The Christian element is also a fallacy. We had GOP officials come to find Christians in Turkey. Most were from Iraq but they had already been resettled in the United States. The executive order is like using a hammer to do a scalpel's job. It should have been run through the inter-agency and it could have been fine tuned without being as disruptive. For example, Yazidi, the very people who suffered the most in Iraq and who are not Muslims were prevented from boarding flights yesterday, despite having completed the full vetting process. it has also prevented Iraqis who provided assistance to our military and diplomatic forces from being admitted to travel. Furthermore, here at home, I know doctors from St. Jude's in Memphis who provide specialized cancer care to children who were unable to return from vacation because of this. How do we explain that to the patients and their parents? Security in our country is vital and Vetting is not 100% effective and never will be. That said, I think solutions can be found that do not overreach and paint everybody with the same brush."


I thanked him for his response and information, commending him on his service. 

He responded: 
"I have heard positive things from initial meetings of my boss with Tillerson. I also have huge respect for General Mattis. Unfortunately, the White House did not run this executive order through the interagency which could have helped avoid some of the headaches. I know folks want to "drain the swamp", but most of us are committed public servants who have worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations and the President could get some valuable input from us which doesn't sacrifice things like the fight against ISIS, etc. Thanks again for the kind words!"

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