Monday, October 6, 2014

Seriously Southern Entertainment comes to Wakefield

 Life brings all sorts of surprises on this journey that we take. Oh, the Places You'll Go! The Things you will See! This weekend was one of those.

Beri (Sarge) Platz and his partner, Steve Webb, of Seriously Southern Entertainment gathered with a stellar group  to film a proposal for a reality show. I never dreamed something like this was even on the radar!

Mrs. Alabama, Rebecca Suggs, is participating with us in this excellent adventure. It just so happens that her husband, Paul, is an avid deer hunter. So he helped Col. Thomas Rushing, co-owner of Wakefield plant deer plots.

Mrs. Alabama had a look of shock at some of the guys rocking their moves during her session at The Wakefield Plantation! .....yes there was a twerk involved and Nascar racer Garrett was involved...

Hattie Ray, taught by her grandmother like most great Southern cooks, kept everyone well fed. She's the star and czar of the kitchen at Wakefield.

In the evening, we gathered around the grand piano for another great Southern tradition, song and music. I sang and David Ethridge played the piano. 

Beri Platz and his crew were fantastic to work with. 

Now, what kind of production could have assembled this diverse group together? 

Stay tuned... 

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