Monday, July 28, 2014

Humor and Depth to Mint Julep Mysteries

I thought I would mention the spiritual aspect of the Mint Julep Mysteries. Dabney is a genealogist, Master gardener, star of a hit cooking show, Partying on the Plantation, on the Dishing It Network, though she cannot cook, mother, grandmother, and prayer. She is a real person and lets a few expletives escape now and then (not really bad ones), she wants to do right and be right but when the going gets tough she knows where to find her strength.

From Book 2: Mint Juleps and Murder:
"I awoke to the sound of something slithering beside me. Faye Lynne wore a nylon nightgown…but that slither did not sound like this slither. I opened my eyes and realized I was not still in Sister’s bed with Sister and Faye Lynne. I looked up and saw the light of a bright blue sky in the distance. But, it was like I was looking through a tunnel to see that blue sky. My hands were sticky and there was no light there where I lay looking through that tunnel to the light. My feet were elevated, propped against the side of that tunnel. If I was dead and headed through a tunnel to go to Heaven I had somehow gotten stuck somewhere along the way.
Maybe I was in Hell.
Wouldn’t that be a hell of a note? Finally become a star of the Dishing It Network, a geriatric sex symbol about to publish a romance novel with Fabio on the cover, and then all of a sudden… just… croak? I always said it was dangerous just to be alive.
I wonder how I died.
If I just be still a minute and think of Jesus, maybe He’ll zap me on up, I thought.
I looked at the clouds way up beyond the end of that tunnel and I started to sing to myself. “Jesus, Jesus, the precious Son of God, Sweetest Rose of Sharon, Born to set men free, Jesus, Jesus, You’re everything to me.”
I kept on humming that song, but it soon became obvious that this wasn’t the tunnel to Heaven and those slithery things I heard around me were not angels’ wings. At least not yet.
So, if not in Hell, then where the hell was I?"

She participates with Ruby T in a charity review to help the "homeless, hopeless, helpless, and hungry." In Book 3, they build a Victory Garden near a tent city where homeless veterans gather.

The books are fun, but there is depth there as well.

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