Thursday, July 10, 2014

Casting Mint Juleps Mysteries

Casting Mint Julep Mysteries  Does anyone know Delta Burke? Tell her there's a project here for her!

Mint Julep Mysteries are a series of books I am writing that includes the characters listed below. I write in scenes and it helps me to envision who I would have playing the parts. I know how arduous the Marketing part of writing can be; I have done a lot of that with my novels, Swimming with Serpents and In Pursuit. These are a totally different genre. Think Murder She Wrote meets Rosemary and Thyme and add in the Newhart show. Set the scene on an old plantation house in Alabama with two formerly estranged, newly widowed sisters (who cannot cook) who parlay their way onto the Dishing It Network with a cooking show they call Partying on the Plantation and you have the Mint Juleps Mysteries.

The Cover Creator on Create Space produced these covers. I am pleased with them. I'm now in the PROOFING process. I ordered a proof of the completed book and made the mistake of looking at the digital copy before receiving the hard copy. Somehow that copy had no page numbers or headers. So, I tried to correct it and sent the manuscript to the wrong book. That's what I get for working too late at night. So, this morning I had to send the right manuscripts back up to the right books. The physical proofs have been created and mailed so I should get them soon and will have to correct whatever errors I find combing through the physical copy.

This is the tedious part, but well worth it in the long run. I do want the best product possible.

This has definitely been an interesting adventure. These characters have taken on a life of their own. I cannot wait for you to meet them. I am also a writer of historical fiction, so when the adventure took on a past intruding on the present with genetic memory I guess that part of my brain stood up and told the creative part, don't forget about me!

Last night I found myself casting the major characters.
Dabney Palmer Rankin                  Delta Burke
Dr. Sophia Palmer Ransom            Susan Sarandon
Faye Lynne                                     Jessica Lange
Ruby T                                            Queen Latifah
Florence Newkirk                           Halle Berry
Kendrick Newkirk                          Shemar Moore
Police chief Carrow Dee Gunther   Melissa McCartney
Wilhelmina Mucklewrath Banks    Heather Locklear
Fredricka Pinkerton Amos              Heather Locklear
Dr. Gavin Crenshaw                        Richard Gere
Warren                                             Tom Selleck
Adam Rankin                                   Lucas Till
Reverend Roscoe T. Ledbetter         Forrest Whitaker
Hannibal Ledbetter                          Tequan Richmond
Harvey                                             Mark Harmon
Hartwell Banks                                Ed Harris
Bennett Chastain                              George Clooney
Estrellita Torres                               Maite Perronni
Pedro Torres                                    Benjamin Bratt
Julio Estavez                                    Diego Boneta
Ralph Stankey                                  Gary Busey
Elvis (a.k.a. Felix Forbes)                Owen Wilson

In order to get attention to the series and their movie and TV series potential, I am looking at Amazon Story Builder at Amazon Studies to see if I can write a script they might find interesting. I would love to get input on others who have done so ( Great information here:

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