Thursday, July 5, 2018

On Sam Hunt's Take Your Time

I am a Sexagenarian.

I'll bet you thought that meant something different than age.

It means I have a few years to have acquired a wee bit of wisdom and as the grandmother of three lovely young ladies, I think a bit differently now than I did at 18 when I met my future husband and at 19 when I married him. Now nearly fifty years later (still married to the same man), I can look back with more life wisdom. 

So, the other day when I was listening to the radio, my attention was captured by these lyrics:

And I don't wanna steal your freedom
I don't wanna change your mind
I don't have to make you love me
I just want to take your time
I don't wanna wreck your Friday
I ain't gonna waste my lines
I don't have to take your heart
I just wanna take your time

I have been looking for the rest of that song and the singer of that song ever since. 


Because that seemed about the saddest, most vacuous and lonely lyrics I had ever heard!

I could not help but wonder if that philosophy relates to millenial women? Is this what we have come to? Is sex now simply a mindless, emotionless, purely physical activity without responsibility or future? 

"I don't wanna steal your freedom" means he doesn't want to make a commitment. He wants all the benefits of sex with none of the responsibilities. Mindless, soullessness. And women find this romantic? 

"I don't wanna change your mind?" He doesn't care about her thoughts or dreams? 

"I don't have to take your heart" simply breaks my heart. How many women have found themselves on the other side of thirty with their childbearing years on the wane who have given and given to men who want no commitment -- then to find their man leaving them for a younger woman with whom they WILL have children?

Why would any woman with half a brain be deluded by someone who told her that? Mindless, soulless, self-centered women whom I wonder why any man would want to deal with, I guess.  

Now, my generation was the first to take the pill, to see abortion become legal and babies expendable, to be told that a woman's worth is in her impact on the Gross Domestic Product and not the lives of those children that God gifts and entrusts to a woman and a man who, in a loving relationship, create life. 

Indeed, at Dothan High School, we were told in our Biology Class by a spinster teacher, that "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny," words imprinted in my brain. And we were told that the spirit does not enter these evolving fish to lizard to baby until the mother feels the baby move, known as the quickening, around the fourth month. 

It has now become worse than that. This generation has been told that God was even wrong when he made man and woman, male and female, that even your own gender is "choice." 

Any wonder there are so many suicides and miserable people on drugs? If you are not happy, there are too many reasons to choose from for why you are not happy. 

Here liberty has become license as in licentiousness. 

I know now there is more to the song than merely the part that caught my attention and concerned me. 

Take Your Time
Sam Hunt

I don't know if you were looking at me or not
You probably smile like that all the time
And I don't mean to bother you but
I couldn't just walk by
And not say hi
And I know your name
'Cause everybody in here knows your name
And you're not looking for anything right now
So I don't wanna come on strong
But don't get me wrong
Your eyes are so intimidating
My heart is pounding but
It's just a conversation
No girl I'm not gonna waste it
You don't know me
I don't know you but I want to
And I don't wanna steal your freedom
I don't wanna change your mind
I don't have to make you love me
I just want to take your time
I don't wanna wreck your Friday
I ain't gonna waste my lines
I don't have to take your heart
I just wanna take your time
And I know it starts with hello

A relationship does begin with hello and I am appalled that with the world as it is today, my first instinct was to think that the next step after hello wound up with a romp in a bed. 

We are more than animals. We have a brain that should guide us to realize that a loving relationship should be the prelude to the physical. That love and commitment will bring greater happiness than the mindless sexual act often creating life that will be destroyed rather than loved. Not a fish or a lizard, but as science now shows, life that wants to live, as can be seen with a camera in the womb recording life that avoids the probe. Fear of pain? 

It is this understanding that has led Alveda King to produce the film Roe v Wade that exposes the lies that went into the Roe v Wade decision. She was a victim of the lies and now her heart and soul lead her to expose the truth to those who may have been victims or will be victims of the lie behind the decision. Women who will wind up living alone with only the guilt of the possibilities, the human potential, a loving child, she gave up to be sold as body parts in the death trade operated by Planned Parenthood. 

And, in truth, I hope my granddaughters WILL take their time and not be fooled into giving a part of themselves to a selfish opportunist. There is too much to lose. 

And I know it starts with hello.  From there it is up to us, in our own will, where it will go.  

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