Sunday, August 5, 2012

Knock Knock and Quick Books

Let me see, have there been any deep thoughts today? Janis Owens admitted that she came up blank on Facebook. I suggested Knock, Knock jokes that would make us look cool with our granddaughters, both named Lily. Hers is Lily Pickle and mine is Lily Butterworth. Unfortunately, I do not KNOW any Knock, Knock jokes. But, with names like that we should have a best selling children's series, I would think.

I went to a website with Knock Knock jokes and found this one. I think it's my favorite
Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Butch who?
Butch your little arms around me!
Update as to the Business of writing:
We bought a new computer on which to install Quick Books. I chose Quick Books because
1. It will create invoices
2. It will create receipts
3. It can figure taxes for different districts
Jan Owens on the website Winepress on Words writes:
"Most states require that you only collect sales tax when the book sale is within your state. You are not required to collect sales tax if you sell books at a conference or speaking engagement in another state. You still must keep track of your sales and report them, but you will receive an exemption from the sales tax."

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