Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have been trying to find an old friend for several years now. She, Sue Cronkite (former editor of Wiregrass Today and fellow writer), her sister-in-law, Heather, and I went to New Orleans to a Romance Writers Conference at least twenty years ago. We all shared a room and had a wonderful time. Melodie Adams was already writing novels then mainly for Harlequin. She was one of the best writers I had ever known though many people look down their noses at Harlequin writers, those little books take a lot of skill to do well. Her characters came alive on the page and I was truly impressed with her skill. 

Melodie introduced to Bill Dailey, who, along with Janet Dailey, encouraged her and helped her along. We also met her agent, Rob Cohen, at that meeting. Heather, her sister-in-law was just getting into writing then. 

So, in the process of searching for Melodie, I discovered Heather Burch, definitely Melodie's sister-in-law because she mentions her in the dedication of a book online. Heather has gone prime time with a Christian book series for young adults that reminds on of the Twilight series. http://www.heatherburchbooks.com/

Some of you may have known Heather or Melodie while they were living in Dothan years ago. You will find Heather's books and her story interesting.

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