Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama

I posted a copy of the inspirational eulogy given to me by Ila Flowers on William Hampton Flowers that is well worth reading.…/A%20Tribute%20to%20William%… If you have not read it, you really should! It will inspire you to be a better person.
The Flowers Family has been prominent throughout the Tri States area of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. As you would see from the eulogy they came from good folks. 
I did an independent study on the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama while earning my Masters. Though I had lived through that time, I really knew little about it and thought to improve my understanding by that study. The annotated bibliography that I submitted was published by the Journal of Negro History.…
They rejected the article that accompanied it entitled The Dialectic of the Civil Rights Movement Embodied in Governor George Wallace, Rev. Martin Luther King and Judge Frank M. Johnson. 
My favorite book from that bibliography was Outside the Magic Circle: the Autobiography of Virginia Durr, wife of Clifford Durr, a relative of Stanhope Elmore's. Hank Elmore told me she attended a birthday party for Virginia Durr in Washington where the high and mighty gathered to celebrate. Durr was a close friend of Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, and was sister-in-law (through her sister's marriage) to and a good friend of Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black who sat on many crucial civil rights cases.…/…/0817305173

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