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Trump's election a rejection of being "human capital" to the world economy

Trump Rally in Pensacola

A patriotic genealogical organization to which I belong sent me a questionnaire recently for me to fill out to send in to National so that we can make points. The questions were: 

1 How many conservation projects did your chapter or members of your chapter complete this year?
2. How many conservation programs were presented at chapter meetings?
3. Did you present a “Conservation Minute” at every meeting?
 Yes  No
4. How many of your members participated in a citizen science project (e.g. surveys, Great Backyard Bird Count, summer butterfly count, mapping invasive plants, etc.)?
5. How many chapter members participated in Earth Day (April 22, 2016) and/or Arbor Day (April 29, 2016) activities?
6. How many of your members planted pollinator gardens or used native plants in their home landscape?

Since the mission of this organization is to be a "non-political volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children" I was much concerned by those questions. You see, I am well aware how the Left models attitudes and beliefs by modeling behavior. Though I have commented mostly on their efforts on our children in school through group learning, peer tutoring, and thematic education, by having our well-respected patriotic organization participate in this Earth Day activity, I see the attitudes and beliefs of this organization about this form of environmentalism also being molded and shaped. Indeed, by our organization's participation, we in effect endorse this agenda.

I object. So, I sent the president of our organization an email saying that I do not participate in Earth Day and included this email that I received from the Founder of Earth Day that I posted on my website on the Conspiracy of the Left page ( and my response to it. I gathered this information sixteen years ago in the year 2000. In rereading the Conspiracy of the Left page, I was amazed to see how successful the Left has been in co-opting the very institutions of our society one would think would be the most resistant to this intrusion. 

This email was sent to me by a gentleman who claimed credit for the creation of Earth Day (I thought it was Maurice Strong who started it). I want to share this interchange to bring attention to how successful the Left has been toward achieving their goal of one world order and the annihilation of the nation state. I hope you will be inspired to read this interchange and then study the Conspiracy of the Left charts of how all of these world organizations interconnect.

Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 12:22 PM
Subject: From Earth Day Founder

 Dear Friends,

 Your web site brings out repeatedly the many conflicting forces at work in society.  I happen to be an evangelical Christian - and was the founder of the real Earth Day. Please to to my web site:  Note:
"Commandments of Jesus."  I would be delighted if you would give me a call.

 John McConnell  -- the founder of the original Earth Day.

I did go to Mr. McConnell's web site ( and responded by e-mail...

Dear Mr. McConnell,

 Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your email.  My yard was recently on the garden tour for the local botanical garden.  Needless to say I have been "sowing, hoeing and mowing" from morning till night.

 Then my computer got a "worm"!  Unfortunately this worm did nothing to aerate my soil and merely wreaked havoc on data!  I feel like composting my computer.

 I am finally back and ready to respond.

 I did check out the web site to which you referred me.  I must tell you the inclination toward world government has me alarmed.  I find it amazing that groups of non governmental organizations (unelected) would presume to dictate and assume such power over the people of the world.  After reading David Hornbeck's book Human Capital I am quite aware of the determination of these groups to "create a sense of crisis" and then come up with "the answer" (predetermined and always enhancing their own power and advocacy group).  

By manipulating opinion through altruistic jargon people are convinced to cede their independence and individualism to become "human capital" to the world economy.  Man has become merely a cog whose purpose is to create wealth and deposit it into the hands of a world elite.  Man's only purpose is to create wealth to be used by the "elite" for the "common good" according to their determination of that good.  No longer is the individual a special child of God created in His image for His purpose, allowed to dream and become...whatever that may be...farmer or president.  By taxing the world, this "world" body would have immense power to become the foxes telling the chicken what's for dinner.  And I do not doubt that our own country, the beacon of hope and freedom for the world, the most generous of all nations, would then become ripe for the plucking.

Socialism has never worked.  It has merely bred tyrants and dictators (Lenin, Stalin, Mao for example) and led to blood baths.  Whatever group that tyrant decided was "inferior" or a "threat to the common good" was annihilated...gypsies, Jews, Christians, freedom fighters.  It is freedom that has elevated the standard of living for the people of this country. It is freedom to realize the potential of each individual that we should "redistribute" and then whatever "resources" each country has could be developed without making the entire world generic according to the supposed egalitarian edicts of a world elite.

  I realize it was an ideal of Plato's to breed an "elite" to rule and provide for the less able masses.  Unfortunately, history has proven that such arrogance in the "elite" produced only contempt for the masses and a disregard for the value of human life.  The end justifies the means.

 You and I share a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Yet, I  wonder how we can be obedient to his "Great Commission" under the United Religions Initiative.  Can we truly love and not share the Truth and eternity with our fellow man?  How can we compromise God's Word and our Faith by coming to "consensus" on issues about which the Bible is so clear?  Are we not doing just what the last verse in the book of Judge's commented so sadly upon:  "And they all did what was right in their own eyes" ?

 I see the world government movement much like the building of the Tower of  Babel.  Man sets himself up as his own god.  We sow to the wind and will  reap the whirlwind.

 I will give you credit for being the founder of Earth Day (surely altruistic in its infancy), but was it your vision that it evolve into a symbol of the movement to confiscate private property, redistribute the wealth of the  world according to the whims of some world elite, and force Christians to compromise their absolutes to conform to the "current wisdom"?  I am concerned that we have come to worship the creation and not the Creator. 

 You are now in your eighties.  You have had a very full life.  I have just  turned fifty (that was a tough day).  We will have much to tell our Savior when we see him face to face.  I know you, like me, long to hear him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

 Thank you for writing me.  I am honored.

 In His love...
Your sister in Christ,
Sharman Ramsey

The elites in their arrogance never expected the reaction demonstrated by Brexit or Trump’s victory. They ran a candidate who was "the most qualified" (by their common world view) who was a major player in the movement for a world government. She actually expressed a desire for a common market with open trade and open borders. American workers easily discerned their importance in this world view.  May I suggest this reaction, their overwhelming support of Trump's agenda, was in part a reaction to the elitist Global Governance agenda. Americans have reasserted their patriotic love of country and their rejection of being "human capital" to the world economy. 

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