Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In Defense of Trump

In Defense of Trump

I am a Trump supporter. Inspired by my posting this on my Facebook page, a friend sent me this message.  I decided to answer in depth on this blog. 

"I was stunned to see your post today! Donald Trump is an evil, inexperienced, hateful man. How could you support one who supports keeping all Mexicans out of our country? Mexicans are kind, hardworking and honest. I have known so many as a person who lived in Texas for 30 years. He is proposing keeping all Muslims out of our country. My most competent, caring doctors have been Muslims. He is disrespectful of women. Look at his personal life. He has no foreign affairs knowledge other than business related. You say you are impressed with his heart. How does that match up with his mockery of a disabled man. I, for one, will be voting for the only experienced, qualified candidate."

 1. Trump is evil. 
You know him personally? Jerry Falwell, Jr. vouches for his character citing many instances of individual generosity that don't make it to the donations column for tax exemption. I would be reluctant about accusing someone of being evil on what little I know of him personally. (Perhaps you know more about him.)  

I have known too many Bible thumping preachers that talk the talk but consider themselves above having to walk the walk to make Christian claims the criteria for my political support. I am voting for a president, not a preacher. 
 2. Trump is inexperienced. 
Trump has the experience needed for making better trade deals for our country. Making deals is how he made his own fortune. He has dealt with foreign countries through his own business development and understands the different cultures of business. 

With a degree from the Wharton School of Economics and years of business experience, Trump understands economics, trade, and currency manipulation much better than any of the other candidates. He will not hesitate to say, "You're fired," to the incompetents in government, stifle the graft and corruption in the VA, road and bridge building, government contracts, etc. That is what he does!

He is only inexperienced in the political arena and that is one of his greatest qualification. He hasn't been bought and paid for. 
 3. He is hateful. 
Once again, you know him? Filled with hate? 

The accusation of being a racist came about as the result of a hesitation when asked to repudiate someone the questioner connected with the KKK. His hesitation came as the result of faulty technical equipment. Of course, the establishment media mouthpieces repudiated his repudiation because if fit their agenda and that of their bosses. Looks to me like the hate is coming from an Establishment reluctant to give up their gravy train. 
 4. He supports keeping all Mexicans out of our country. 
That is a misrepresentation of his words. He wants to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out of our country. So you dispute that many illegal immigrants are rapists, murderers, drug dealers? Have you ever heard of the Mexican Mafia? What about El Chappo Guzman who tunneled his way out of a Mexican jail and made his way back and forth across the border to visit with his family in the U. S.. I only hope Trump adds enough technology to the wall to sense activity underground.

Perhaps if we lived in Arizona and had illegals traipsing through our back yards we might appreciate someone supporting the border patrol and enforcing our laws. Even here, in South Alabama and North Florida, we are not immune to the illegal drugs that ravage our young. As a grandmother I feel compelled to try at least through my vote to support someone with the gumption to do something about it!

By the way, Trump supports LEGAL immigration from Mexico. 

5. He is proposing keeping all Muslims out of the country.
Several of my doctors are Muslim as well. I have a very good friend who is Muslim. I have great respect for them. Trump's stand on putting a temporary time out on Muslim immigration/visas until we get a handle on vetting the immigrants protects ALL Americans, including those who happen to be Muslim. Muslims have been among those killed in these terrorist activities. Aren't we all foremost Americans and only secondarily a hyphenation of some sort? It is our success with assimilating our immigrant population that has brought us the unity we are so proud of and the success of our immigrant population. That is why it must be controlled.
 6. I will be voting for the only qualified man. 
Who might that be? I assume you mean on the Republican ticket.

John Kasich voted for NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO giving away American sovereignty and endorsing corporate welfare. We now pay American businesses to relocate to foreign countries. Kasich then took the golden parachute and went to work as a managing director for Lehman 
Brothers making more than $1Million the year Lehman Brothers went belly up. 

Or do you mean Ted Cruz? Cruz now embraces the Establishment with the fervor of the outcast on the playground who suddenly gets courted by the IN crowd. Chief among the "IN CROWD" is the Bush clan. 

Considering their track record, I have absolutely no faith in them.

Jeb Bush, George Bush Sr., and his son Neil Bush have all been implicated in the Savings and Loan Scandal, which cost American tax payers over $1.4 TRILLION dollars (note that this at that time that was about one quarter of our national debt. Interest has accrued since then!).

Between 1981 and 1989, when George Bush finally announced that there was a Savings and Loan Crisis to the world, the Reagan/Bush administration worked to cover up Savings and Loan problems by reducing the number and depth of examinations required of S&Ls as well as attacking political opponents who were sounding early alarms about the S&L industry.  Industry insiders were aware of significant S&L problems as early 1986 that they felt would require a bailout.  This information was kept from the media until after Bush had won the 1988 elections.

Jeb Bush defaulted on a $4.56 million loan from Broward Federal Savings in Sunrise, Florida. After federal regulators closed the S&L, the office building that Jeb used the $4.56 million to finance was reappraised by the regulators at  $500,000, which Bush and his partners paid. The taxpayers had to pay back the remaining 4 million plus dollars.

Neil Bush was the most widely targeted member of the Bush family by the press in the S&L scandal.  Neil became director of Silverado Savings and Loan at the age of 30 in 1985. Neil Bush now heads up Cruz's financial team. 

JEB Bush has endorsed Cruz. JEB would have used his brother's foreign policy advisors and where did they get us? Why did we invade Iraq when those who flew the planes into the World Trade Center on 9/01/01were Saudi Arabian? 

George W. Bush brought us the never-ending war in the Middle East that destabilized the area and empowered ISIS. The economic collapse of 2008 was the result of his policies. 
You think these folks are helping Cruz because they believe in him. For altruistic reasons?

 7. I almost forgot....He is disrespectful of women. 
Personally, I am offended by feminists demanding that they be treated equally and when they are they whine and pull the woman card. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. Being a woman should not give you an advantage or an excuse for bad manners. Michelle Fields should be ashamed of herself for filing charges for such a minor event. I admire Donald Trump for not giving in to the pressures of political correctness gone amok.

I respect your right to support whomever you support. That is what is so great about our country. But, I am fed up with the  dismissal of those who support Trump as uneducated backcountry lowlifes. As the result, we see free speech challenged with mob violence financed by the puppet masters who benefit by controlling the politicians. A young person serves a sentence for possession of an ounce of marijuana while the Wall Street bankers who brought America to her knees with their greed were never punished! We see Americans lose their retirement and their healthcare because legislators with their golden parachutes "sent those low paying jobs overseas." And we want to vote those with ties to the past back into office/power? 

I agree with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, a leading voice on trade, immigration and executive powers. He urges Americans to choose their next president carefully because 2016 "is the last chance for the American people to take back control of their government."

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