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Mint Julep Mysteries Book Launch December 6, 2014

 Mint Julep Mysteries and Wakefield Plantation: Cookbook and History

The Wakefield Plantation: History and Cookbook of one Southern family and Mint Julep Mysteries book launch took place at Wakefield, the inspiration for the Mint Julep Mysteries series. In spite of the rain and gloom of earlier in the day, the sun broke out at the start of the event. Martha Nix was my traveling buddy as my husband was glued to the TV and football games. Sylvia and Thomas Rushing were great hosts. Taylor Johnson helped us with the hosting duties guiding folks back and forth from the Big House (Wakefield) to the Little House (where our father actually grew up across the street).

Gene Stabler and Donald Stone
Donald Stone, the son of one of my heroes in history, the founder of Snow Hill Institute,  W. J. Edwards, wrote Fallen Prince and had his grandfather's own autobiography, Twenty-five Years in the Black Belt republished. These are must reads for inspiration as well as history. My cousin, Gene Stabler, had been trying to contact Dr. Stone for years. Gene's father was a mail carrier and a good friend of W. J. Edwards. It was such a pleasure seeing these two sons find so much in common and strike up a friendship there at the meeting. Spike Lee is the great grandson of W. J. Edwards. According to Don, Lee and Brandon Tartikoff had spoken of a movie based on the great man before Tartikoff passed away. I truly wish Lee would produce a movie based on his great grandfather's life!

Donald Stone arrived early and we traded books.

Mary Lois Woodson, manager of Black Belt Treasures handled the sales of the books. Ernie and Dianne Thomas Marshburn got a bit lost on the way up, but called my husband in Dothan and got straightened out. Paula Bostic and her husband Mike brought their granddaughter, McKenna. I had looked forward to seeing his new Corvette, but it only seats 2 plus it was raining. Can't take a chance on getting clay on a new corvette!

Paula Bostic and Sharman Ramsey
Jean Hancher and Sharman Ramsey

Lots of folks came and we had a great time talking history! I look forward to meeting Mary Lois's mother and reading the books she has written on the history of the area inspired as she was as the editor of the local paper. The weather started out dismal and rainy, but the sun broke out. My dear friend, Jean W. Hancher and her husband Tom, braved the weather and the distance from Atlanta. It was GREAT getting together once more after 30 years!

Thanks to all who attended. The day was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Especially when Mary Lois waxed eloquent telling me how much she enjoyed the Mint Julep Mysteries! Music to an author's ears!

I just wish I'd had time to take more pictures!

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