Monday, November 17, 2014

University of Alabama Delta Delta Delta dedicates a new home

Delta Delta Delta University of Alabama

November 16th, 2014, brought a large group of University of Alabama Delta Delta Delta alumnae back to the campus to celebrate a brand new house. (I shared memories of the former Round House in another post, Delta Delta Delta Memories 1968.)

The amazing house has a dining room large enough for the over 300 members to actually eat at the same time. The actives welcomed the alumnae who donated to toward the construction of the lovely new home. It was such a delight getting to visit with my dear old friend and pledge sister, Yancey Nowlin Trucks, who left college and became the highest ranking woman in Alabama Power.

Donna Dearman Smith was our pledge class president and later also worked with Alabama Power. Jennie Kimborough King was one of the pledges our class was so proud to bring into the Chapter. She now works as a Career Consultant at the University of Alabama. She and the Tuscaloosa alumnae worked hard on planning, financing and bringing the new Tri Delt house into reality. She will replace Amanda Humber as House Corporation president

Dothan alumnae, Beth Shealy and Sue Marie Shealy Coe

Dothan Tri Delts, Beth Shealy and Sue Marie Shealy Coe, attended the event as well. Beth Shealy has served the chapter well, writing recs over the years to help Dothan girls along in the process.

The design of the dining room includes a celestory in the center of the ceiling. The round shape is an homage to the original 21,000 square foot round Tri Delt House. The new house is over 40,000 square feet. 

House Corporation President, Amanda Humber addresses the group. 

I was particularly delighted to reconnect with Beth Finch Curtis known affectionately to all during that time as Pieface. I heard her wonder to herself if any of those girls lining the walls (our pledges and actives) would allow anyone to call THEM Pieface! I remember always being impressed with her calm, cool leadership. Years may pass but you never stop loving those who shared those wonderful years and happy times with you. Beth married the twin brother of one of Delta Mu's most beautiful members, Julie Curtis. 

Beth Finch Curtis, Yancey Nowlin Trucks, Sharman Burson Ramsey, Patty Wilson Baker, Betty Bates , Peggy Wilson Pate

The weather forecast was for freezing weather. I wore the big coat that South Alabama ladies only get to wear on special occasions. 

We could not help but reminisce about the difference in sleeping arrangements. The new bedrooms at the Tri Delt house are absolutely gorgeous! These two are just examples. 

I truly enjoyed visiting with these dear old friends and making new ones in other classes. Each of us has our own story of our college life. Delta Delta Delta was a meaningful part of mine.

Alabama beat Mississippi State the day before. It was a very good weekend. 

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