Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Weeds can be a metaphor for many things -- or simply the literal weeds in my garden. This beautiful picture reminds me of what my potager CAN look like. Now, it is simply a bunch of weeds. I plan to put on my well-worn jogging pants (that never went jogging) and get down on my knees to pull weeds. Since I also have two granddaughters visiting, I imagine I will have absolutely no REAL help, but lots of advice. How much better can it get?

 While you might not think so, this is actually preparation for writing. I find it easy to get lost in a scene while pulling weeds. So much of writing is imagining. Whether it is a garden when the seeds come into bloom, or a novel before you ever sit down at a computer and write a single word.

I think our world today is so very fast paced and technological that our minds have very little time to open the shutters of our imagination and look beyond into the vast expanse of "what can be" because we are so focused on the "what is."

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