Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fugees Family

#Romney brings in $106 million in June. #Obama $70 million. Fugees $80,000.

 The Fugees Family is devoted to working with child survivors of war.
 The Serpents Series of novels that I am writing, beginning with Swimming with Serpents, tells of the consequences of war on the innocents. Fugees Families is the charity I choose to be the recipient of a portion of the proceeds from this series of novels. It just seems to fit.

The numbers at the beginning of this post tell us that there is money available to support a cause. Why shouldn't that cause be caring for the children who have been the innocent victims of some government's policy. Let us pray that our own government's policies not produce more of these innocent victims.

I am a fan of Luma Mufleh. If you would like to get involved as well visit Fugees Families (www.fugeesfamily.org). When you shop Amazon through their website they get 6% of the purchase.

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