Friday, November 11, 2016

My Prayer for America

Father God,

Before we voted we lifted our nation up to you.

We are Americans who believe that our Constitution guarantees freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Though we may come to you calling you by various names, we recognize that you are Lord of All and Creator of all things. Prayers lifting like rays of light radiated from throughout this great land of ours asking for your healing hand upon our nation.

We recognize that All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Our champion in this race as well as those of us who prayed for and voted for him acknowledge that You are not through with any of us in molding and shaping us into who we should be. We found assurance in his selection of a running mate, Mike Pence, a godly man. We found assurance in the deference and respect with which our candidate treated his choice of running mate. We felt confidence that Pence and his wife, Karen, prayed frequently with our candidate bringing him along as perhaps a babe in Christ so much so that others in the faith, Phil Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and other faith leaders had confidence in his character. We heard our candidate's apology and accept it.

We are Americans who reject identity politics. We do not see people as Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Jews, Christians, Muslim, etc. We see Americans. We see mothers who want the best for their children: the best education, clean water, safe neighborhoods, secure bridges and roads, effective health care, jobs and opportunities for Americans throughout our country. We see veterans male and female who love America and are willing to sacrifice to the last measure. We see police who deserve respect as they are on the front lines of our national defense against gangs, drugs and violence that threaten the very security of our homes and neighborhoods.

We reject the disrespect for the flag of our country that represents the very sacrifices so many have given so that those individuals might have the life our country affords them and the freedom to express their opinion. We reject disrespect for laws that protect life, liberty and property represented by riots in the streets destroying private property and small businesses considering their own opinion justifies such action. We reject the attitude that this is a Nation of Rights without respect to the fact those Rights come with Responsibilities and Obligations as well.

We hear disrespect and foul language and reject it in every day life and throughout the media. We hear misogyny, licentiousness, hatred and bigotry from celebrities whose lyrics and lifestyle espouse that philosophy and who would want us to vote as they see fit and not as our own individual conscience guides us. We see politics invading the classrooms of our schools where traditional disciplines needed to truly educate our children are neglected. We pray for freedom for all parents to choose an effective curriculum to mold our child's mind. We pray for a reformation of classrooms now dedicated to a certain vision of "social justice" rather than true education that is rampant in schools across America.

We thank you, Lord, that we have a democratic republic and not a pure democracy in which two foxes and a hen would be voting for what's for dinner. We thank you for the wisdom of our forefathers who blessed us with those protections.

Grant our President Elect wisdom as he selects those who will unleash the productivity of our nation and enable job creation, protect us from our enemies at home, defend our borders, enforce our laws, secure our liberties, and defend our nation and our allies abroad.

Unto You goes all glory, honor and praise. We bow before you humbly and seek your guidance in how we can go forth and be a better servant of Yours -- and a better American.

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