Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tecumseh and family relationships



Other players in In Pursuit: James McQueen who came with Oglethorpe in 1733 is not a part of the novel, but he left quite a legacy. His grandson, Tecumseh came in 1811 to inspire his Creek relatives to join in a pan Indian confederacy to push back the Americans. Peter McQueen, Red Stick Prophet, and son of James McQueen, led a ragged, desperate bunch of survivors from Horseshoe Bend down to Pensacola. Josiah Francis, also a grandson of James McQueen, and Billy Powell (aka Osceola, then a mere boy), James McQueen's great grandson, and their families were among the family group. In Spanish Florida they were fed, clothed and armed by British officers of the Corps of Colonial Marines. They later made their way to settle on the Apalachicola River where they built a fort.


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