Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike

So, I'll own up to it. My daughter and I went to see Magic Mike. The first day. Along with an estrogen filled theater of other women and only one brave man. Purely for research, of course.

There was a line of women waiting to buy their tickets (mainly in sunglasses, but this was in Panama City, Florida). Two really cute young women were so anxious at the snails pace of purchasing the tickets (a dear old lady was counting out pennies after exclaiming over the $7.00 price of the ticket) that she slipped the ticket seller her own charge card and bought the woman's ticket.  (We've lost two minutes of heaven!" she exclaimed when she checked her watch and saw that we were two minutes past the published time for the movie begin.)
My daughter and I agree that this will become a must have for a Girls Night In to be checked out for years to come. Someone will discover a way to eliminate the extraneous plot and just Fast Forward to the good parts. The basically good stripper (the role that used be the domain of women) has suddenly become a male who struggles with the angst of his licentious life when he meets a good woman. 

I understand Channing Tatum wrote the script based on a few years of actually living the life. 

My daughter and I actually found the movie a bit depressing, but you'll have to watch it to find out why. 

I truly will use some of what I saw on screen to help me build a scene I have long been planning in the sequel to Southern Soul.

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