Sunday, April 29, 2018


Comedy? at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. 

May I suggest that those who think this makes a great evening need psychological help or classes in how to stop bullying!

Karen Carpenter after cruel comments.

Look at this lovely lady on the arm of her handsome husband. 

I would say the whole White House Press Corps that laughed at the cruel jokes are guilty of bullying.

This is the application of Sol Alinsky's method No. 5: 

Do you remember the beautiful music of the Carpenters? Karen Carpenter's beautiful contralto voice? 

And yet, because of the unkind words of a journalist, Karen only saw herself as "Richard's chubby sister."  So much talent! Such a beautiful person! And yet, she saw herself worthless in the eyes of the world. 

I am appalled at what the Left deems acceptable. They CLAIM to decry bullying and yet, with their cruel, vile words and actions there is simply no other way to interpret their words and behavior. 

Look at this woman who demonized the accomplished press secretary, a serious professional woman, loving wife and mother of three. This single woman, graduate of William and Mary with a degree in kinesiology casts stones at the accomplished women who support our President. 

From her use of language one might wonder does she think she is more worthy simply because she was blessed with a slim figure? Does she think her frequent use of the F-bomb makes her smarter than a woman who uses the refined language of an educated woman and a lady? Does her support of abortion on demand at any stage in the baby's development make her a more moral individual? 

If so, I pity her. And I wonder what is WRONG with our society? Apparently others wonder as well. 

                             Sadly she sits silently beside Joe Scarborough with this tirade.

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