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 I must say I have many questions about Christine Blasey Ford. Like, who she really is.

  1. Apparently she is extremely tight with Google interns because she says she put an extra door in the front of her house so they could come in that door. Sounds odd to me. That relationship might be the reason that any information about Dr. Ford prior to this hearing has been scrubbed from the Internet. Someone had to be quite technologically savvy to do this.

  2. Perhaps it was scrubbed because of examples like these:

Blasey, CM (Christine Margaret)

How to sell something that never really happened. The practice of self-hypnosis can create "artificial situations."

  • including her inability to say for sure when it happened and who paid for it
  • By her testimony, she sounded strangely ignorant of polygraphs, how they work, and was unable to say whether she was recorded, be it by video or audio. 
  • But, she said she was “asked a lot of questions” and described it as taking “much longer than I anticipated." She also said she“told my whole life story.” 
  • But, the committee was only provided with the results for two specific questions. Those two questions were based on a handwritten statement, and not multiple, specific questions about the incident. 
  • The statement also included revisions like cross-outs and added words. Did we only get the results for two questions that referenced her sloppy handwritten statement, because answers to questions regarding specific details were exculpatory?https://pjmedia.com/trending/5-big-problems-with-christine-blasey-fords-testimony-at-the-kavanaugh-hearings/


Monica McLean is the woman the old boyfriend said Blasey Ford tutored in taking a polygraph.
See Also: Monica McLean mentioned in boyfriend's sworn testimony as someone Ford helped pass a polygraph. Papers posted include Justice Department letterhead with McLean's name and letter sent by Grassley.

3. She testified that getting her husband to agree to putting in the door was a major part of her counseling sessions in 2012. The door was put in in 2008. Except there was no other building permit until 2013 for a solar panel system. They either built the addition in 2008 and fought over a door for 4 years, or they didn't get a permit for the newest addition? However the addition was actually a studio that they use for Google Interns as she actually did say in her testimony. So it really wasn't a front door.

Dr. Sylvia Randall, PHD listed that address for her services. Her website says she moved out of the area in 2008. Interestingly Dr. Randall seemed to do couples therapy. The tax records assessment for this location jumped over a Million dollars in 2008. I´m assuming this is when Professor Ford purchased the place. The remodel permit for the second door was for the year 2008.

That second door would be perfect for a home counseling business 


Now, 2018

Apparently she is quite well-to-do.

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both teenagers, is being advised by Democratic operative Ricki Seidman.
Seidman, a senior principal at TSD Communications, in the past worked as an investigator for Sen. Ted Kennedy, and was involved with Anita Hill’s decision to testify against Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas. 
“I believe her and I think she’s very courageous for coming this far,” Seidman said in a brief interview, confirming her role advising Ford.
She also worked as Joe Biden’s communications director during the 2008 general election campaign, after he was named Barack Obama’s running mate. In 2009, according to her online biography, she helped the White House manage the confirmation of Obama's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Before that, she worked in the Clinton White House as deputy communications director.

Just a concerned citizen?

 4. If Kavanaugh's actions early days matter, then perhaps so does Christine Blasey Ford's. What was this criminal charge about? Shouldn't this be considered as a part of her credibility from those years?

And this traffic misdemeanor? If all of Kavanaugh's youthful indiscretions are valid, so are hers. 

4. So, what about the company she keeps?

A. Her husband, Russell Ford, works for Triple Ring Technologies:
B. Concept Therapeutics

C. Beach Friends

      1. Jim Gensheimer who is associated with Larry Flynt

D. Connection to Jim Steyer brother of Tom Steyer and a partner with Steyer's Next Generation. They have targeted our children. 

Christine Blasey Ford, colleague at Stanford, would be involved in his Common Sense Media, Inc., a ratings group for evaluating children's books according to their standards and their political agenda. Sadly, they have contracts with Netflix (that hired the Obamas to develop content and Susan Rice to Board of Directors.) James Steyer's Common Sense could go a long way toward promoting this group and their agenda. 

Tom Steyer, brother of Jim Steyer, activist for Next Gen for which Blasey Ford attended a rally. 

Steyer came to Florida to promote Gillum in the Governor's race. 

Tom Steyer is a billionaire plotting Trump's demise. 

Notice that Chelsea Clinton is on the board of Common Sense. Do you think their media recommendations will have a Liberal bias?

In 2013, Steyer founded NextGen Climate (now NextGen America), an environmental advocacy nonprofit and political action committee. NextGen Climate provided the environmentalist movement with significant capital and political influence.[Steyer spent almost $74 million on the 2014 elections.

This goes back to the issue of "peer review". I establish a magazine that publishes you and you establish one that publishes me and then we review each other. We have the same belief system and therefore I scratch your back and you scratch mine. I have seen this blatantly in education and here WikiLeaks reveals it regarding Steyer trashing a scientist's work because they want to silence him. 


I repeat "If the 'science' is as settled as it is frequently claims, why is it necessary to orchestrate attacks on any scientist who speaks even slightly out of turn?"

These "wealthy environmentalists" who also have an interest in promoting an agenda of green business. They must push the Democrats to maintain their control. 
 In October 2017, NextGen America donated grants totaling $2.3-million to eight national immigration law service organizations, including the University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center, the Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis School of Law, UC Hastings Center for Gender and Refugee Studies,  and the Council on American -American Islamic Relations (CAIR, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood). 
Steyer hired actors in South Carolina to pose as Terry McCauliffe's opponent in order to undermine the opponent in the race. 
An Army of Kid Activists

The Steyers are very serious about their agenda. 

It is clear from these connections that Blasey Ford has political beliefs and connections that could lead her to undermine President Trump's appointment. 

D. Feinstien’s husband Richard Blum has served the University of Palo Alto as a member of the University of California Board of Regents since 2002. 

Ironic that Christine Blasey Ford is a Psych prof at Palo Alto and had no idea how to get the information to Feinstein!

E. Attorneys

1.  Debra Katz

Debra Katz, Ford’s attorney is the vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight — a group funded in large part by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

She is a longtime Democratic activist and donor. Katz has, in the past, defended men accused of sexual assault by multiple women, including former President Bill Clinton and disgraced former U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN).

She also has ties to George Soros, according to the Washington Times, through her involvement with the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), an organization that has been directly funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

POGO co-signed a letter to Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) with a variety of leftist groups demanding Kavanaugh records, according to FrontPageMag.

She is a part of the “resist” movement, the anti-President Donald Trump group.

2.  Michael Bromwich

One of Ford’s attorneys Michael Bromwich is the former federal prosecutor that led FBI Deputy McCabe. McCabe’s GoFundMe page was set up by a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm connected to President Barack Obama, and raised over $150,000.

The Bromwich Group is a K Street consulting and PR firm headed by Michael R. Bromwich. Immediately prior to founding the firm, Bromwich served as the first director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management under President Barack Obama. 

He has since resigned from his law firm to represent Andrew McCabe and Christine Blasey Ford.

F.. Now to some odd claims that have popped up over the internet. The validity to which I cannot vouch. Of course all of this is labeled "conspiracy theory" by the Left. Or is it part of their "throw the rock, hide the hand" plot to distract?

That is up to you to consider.

Read this VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE about the association between the American Psychiatric Association and the CIA. 
  1. Father Ralph G. Blasey
Perhaps this is why he was not in the Hearing room.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Is a Professor at Palo Alto University Who Teaches Graduate Students in Clinical Psychology and currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stanford University.

The program was developed by CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges. In 1985, Mr. Melges took under his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak, whose CIA’s black operations monies was controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr., Dr. Christine Ford’s father.

Read this VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE about the association between the American Psychiatric Association and the CIA. https://pando.com/2015/07/15/apa-cia/

Lois Lang, the bag lady who killed Nicholas Dear

Read this VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE about the association between the American Psychiatric Association and the CIA. https://pando.com/2015/07/15/apa-cia/

Continue reading : https://pando.com/2014/10/26/the-biggest-cia-drug-money-scandal-you-never-read/

And if you are interested follow the dots: https://www.salon.com/2012/12/02/better_than_bourne_who_really_killed_nick_deak/

This may be a good place to post the fact that Blasey Ford mentors and oversees a CIA College training program. 

 2. Brother Thomas Blasey connection to Peter Strzok.

Ford's brother, Thomas Blasey, works at Exelis, Inc. with Jill Strzok, Peter Strzok's cousin.

Perhaps no meaning, but it is a small world?

 3. Ralph Blasey

Christine’s brother, Ralph Blasey, worked for FUSION GPS’ law firm Baker & Hostetler that just happens to be tied to the dodgy Russia dossier put together by MI6 operative Christopher Steele that was subsequently used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Fusion GPS has done “work” for Planned Parenthood Hilary Clinton and the Democratic National party. 

Remember that John Brennan former head of the CIA threatened President Trump.
Is this simply another battle in the Coup to take Trump down?

Read this open letter to the CIA

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