Monday, October 8, 2018

To Jacquie Sue

This is for you, Jacquie Sue,

What folks don't realize is that Deplorables are really not dyed in the wool Republican or Democrats. They are a group of folks disgusted with what they saw in Washington who voted to kick the bums out (including elitist Republicans). Trump had the vision of what we saw and he had the charisma to capture the attention of the public and the independence of spirit and means to carry through. 

From Jacquie Sue:

Thanks and here is some of how I see these issues:

On American workers competing with illegal immigrants for jobs:I think that position is only half the story. Yes, it is true that hiring an illegal worker is cheaper than paying a legal one. But why put all the blame on the illegal worker, instead of those who are hiring them and paying them the substandard wages? In addition, as "Brookings Senior Fellow Vanda Felbab-Brown explains in her new Brookings Essay, “The Wall,” immigrants may not actually be “stealing” as many U.S. jobs as Trump thinks. As she put it, “the impact of immigrant labor on the wages of native-born workers is low…Felbab-Brown explains that many of the jobs occupied by undocumented workers in the United States are physically demanding jobs that Americans do not want, such as gutting fish or work on farm fields. She argues, “fixing immigration is not about mass deportations of people but about creating a legal visa system for jobs Americans do not want. And it is about providing better education opportunities, skills-development and retooling, and safety nets for American workers. And to date, Trump hasn’t offered serious policy proposals on many—if any—of these areas.”

Big business uses illegals for low wages. Fat Cats in Washington want them for domestics. Democrats want them for votes. Seems to me Trump is the only one defending the American worker by insisting upon LEGAL immigrants and rounding up the ILLEGAL ALIENS so that the American worker can get a better wage! (See Tucker Carlson "Importing a Serf Class" Ship of Fools, p. 59)

Cesar Chavez was once an icon of the Left. He defended American farmworkers. Illegal immigrants (he called them "wetbacks") hired by business owners broke the backs of the farm workers union.

 On NATO, which was founded by the US and its allies after WWII. The issue to me is more related to the huge US military budget and its role of intervening militarily around the world for years. We currently have military in place in 150 countries around the world. How much does that cost?

(See Tucker Carlson's Ship of Fools chapter on "Foolish Wars, p. 83)

I also would like for us to move out of many of those battles around the world. So does Trump. Maybe now that we don't have. The other countries in NATO have left Americans to pay more than their share ever since its inception. They can now pull up their big girl panties and pay their own way.  Other diplomats were afraid to stand up to them.
On taxes: The Republican tax bill does favor the wealthy: An Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center analysis finds that some 80 percent of the benefits in the plan would go to households making more than $900,000 annually. An analysis by Business Insider found that tax cuts for Americans who earn more than $1 million a year "more than tripled since the House first introduced its tax plan."

1. Manufacturing is returning to the U. S. 
2. Women and men have now got more money in their pockets because of tax relief.
3. Unemployment is down for every group, Black/White/Hispaic/Women and Men
4. Wages are going up as are bonuses
5. The Stock Market is higher than ever

Rather than all this class jealousy shouldn’t it be acknowledged that the targeted tax cuts enabled the Economy to catch fire and lift all ships?

On Trade deals, I have always been critical of them too: NAFTA, TPP and so on. The new NAFTA deal may have made some improvements. 

The Democrats would never have renegotiated NAFTA. Democrats wants no borders, no walls, sanctuary for all. They despise patriotism and nationalism. 

On “moms struggling with drugs” and illegal immigration, I recommend this article. It is a complex issue! And also let us not forget OxyContin and the pharmaceutical companies’ role in this. 

On abortion: I do not think Roe v Wade is the problem. I think that if we want to reduce abortions, we need to understand its root causes, provide sex education, universal reproductive health care and contraception, support for women/parents to have children like paid parental leave, affordable day care so parents can work, flexi-time in jobs for working parents. Going back to the days before Roe v Wade is not going to stop abortions, as much as we might like to think that.

Roe v Wade may not be the problem, but Planned Parenthood is. They control the sex education program in Common core. They do not simply show a film on the biological development of a child in the womb to students so they can actually have information on which to base a decision. Indeed, clients at PPCenters are not even allowed an ultra sound so that the mother can visualize the child in her womb and be able to make an educated choice.

Hillary Clinton and the rabid feminists support abortion up to birth. What is the difference between the woman who sent her two sons to a watery death by releasing the brake on her car with them strapped in the back seat into the water. Living children are killed after birth. How can a civilized nation support this? 

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