Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sharman with Mercer Marketing Director Mary Beth Kosowski

Jill Hindrix, Cassandra King, Sharman Ramsey, Wanda Jewel

Cat Banco with Karen Spears Zacharias
Perhaps the very best thing about this new writing gig of mine is the people I have met. It began last year this time when I attended my first Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance conference with Swimming with Serpents. I have been invited back this year to participate in something called the Moveable Feast. It is a lunch meeting and I will briefly visit tables of booksellers telling them about In Pursuit. It is a challenge. A marathon. How does one sell something that is so dear to one's heart?

I write a book not just to tell a story, but to impart the importance of an event that moved me to fashion a story around that event. The people who lived during that time have touched my heart and moved me so that I want others to share in that emotion though it happened 200 years ago. My books are not just books to me. Each encompasses the human spirit that transcends time and is as meaningful for us today as it was then.

How can I share the importance of remembering the nearly 300 men, women and children who died in an instant just a little over 100 miles from my home at what was known as the Negro Fort in a territory of Spain? And the Red Sticks who fled to Florida trying to elude the long arm of the Americans and particularly Andrew Jackson. Why did they die? They merely wanted to be free to plant fields and harvest crops, watch their children grow, defend themselves. I tell the story through a work of fiction putting flesh and blood to facts and figures through the eyes of the varied participants. Yet, above it all, it is a story of love and the triumph of the human spirit. People lived and loved in the midst of trials and tribulations. Historical fiction is a genre many academics disdain, but it is how I learned to love history.

I sincerely look forward to seeing once more all those friends I made at the first SIBA event and later visited with through luncheons and other events. These independent book stores keep books alive in communities throughout the country. I am honored to participate with two of my fellow Mercer published authors, Karen Spears Zacharias and Jackie K Cooper. http://www.sibaweb.com/trade-show

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