Monday, September 23, 2013

SIBA and Clear Story Radio with River Jordan

Fortunately Cynthia Graubart and Nathalie Dupree were once again at SIBA. Last year they gave out of this book before I made it to the breakfast where they spoke. This year I made sure to get there early enough to get the book.
Cynthia's husband, Clif, is a fellow Mercer University Press author (The Curious Vision of Sammy Levitt and Other Stories). They are friends of Pat Conroy (who wrote a forward for the cookbook) and Cassandra King Conroy (who wrote a blurb for both In Pursuit and Swimming with Serpents, my books). I had the pleasure of meeting them at the South Carolina Book Festival about a month ago.

Clif and I sat in on some podcast taping for River Jordan ( at Clear Story Radio River is a Panama City, Florida native.
I plan not only to READ this cookbook, I also plan to COOK from it. Which will be quite a surprise for my husband.

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