Thursday, July 27, 2017

Suicide, a commentary on the death of Ron Gaskill, friend

July 13, 2017  So sad. We have a friend/neighbor who killed himself this morning. 
Ron Gaskill helped his brother Dan remodel our guest cottage. Ron then became our go to guy for many other projects. He became a good friend. Joe always paid him more than his estimate because he was always low on his estimates. We knew he suffered depression and was frequently overwhelmed. But he was always cheerful and upbeat with us, joking around.
During the last week he worked for us, he also cleaned up a pool for another client and suffered almost a heat stroke. He was determined to finish because the guy (who lived in a million dollar home) was having a party and he didn't want to let him down. The guy he was working for told him a tale of woe and promised to pay him later. I am glad I do not know that guy's name!
Then Ron's truck broke down and he had to call AAA to tow him to Dan's house where he worked on the truck to no avail. 
This morning, when Dan came to tell us that Ron had driven his truck into a building, he also told us that the guy whose pool he cleaned paid Ron only half of what he owed him.
I cannot help but wonder how people with so many blessings can justify not paying their debts. Knowing Ron, his charge was much less than the value of the job he actually did. 
Ron Gaskill was one of the good guys. A meek and humble man with a heart of gold. He was a devoted brother to Dan, kind and loving to Sallie, Dan's sick wife, and a good friend to Joe and me. He took folks to the doctor and grocery store in that broken down truck, saying he got such a blessing helping those who could not pay him for his services. He mowed lawns for shut ins though he had a bad back. He would not slow down. 
We wish we had known he needed more of us. I rode with him to buy materials last week and we talked of our faith in God. I told him of the Word God had given me recently when I awoke repeating, "If you look for the good in people you will be a good man; but if you look for the good in people and help them to see it in themselves, you will be a GREAT man."
Ron Gaskil was a GREAT man. I lift him up to our Father in Heaven and pray that he will receive this meek and humble man into his loving care knowing how many lives he touched. God bless his soul and grant him a peace that eluded him through life. He will be missed.

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