Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lessons learned, Goodreads and planned Book Events

History books at SIBA conference 2013

I learn something new every day. There are so many books out there, how can a reader know which to buy? Marketing is important. Facebook only takes you so far and with newsfeed, that is only as far as someone who is sitting at the computer when your post flits by. Organizing an event on Facebook is a good option, but I think folks are getting pretty jaded about those invitations. Punchbowl also offers the opportunity to invite folks for free to an online event. Those are getting complicated these days with imaginary snacks and activities to go along with the event. I've thought of planning one of those since as a writer I live a life in my head now anyway. A party where I just imagine friends being there might actually be fun! 

Then the other day, I was exploring Goodreads and stumbled upon the button to press to invite the friends in your contact book to "check out my book." I thought that could be the option I had been looking for to let folks know about the Mint Julep Mysteries. So I pressed the button on top. The page did not seem to respond or change pages. So, I pressed send once more. Still nothing. Undaunted, I pressed it again and still no signal that anything had been sent. I gave up. 

Then someone sent me a heads up that my computer must have been hacked because she got three emails with the same message. Oh no! Now I have really upset the apple cart. Nobody who's outraged that their mail box has been flooded is going to buy my book (s)! So, here is a warning. When you go to your dashboard and go to the part about finding friends in your address book who are on Goodreads only press the button ONCE! Have faith in Goodreads, I guess. 

The good thing is I only got two nicely negative emails. The rest were quite positive AND I have acquired a few new friends on Goodreads. 

I found out some good news about the Expanded Distribution that I selected through Amazon. Theresa at one of my favorite Independent Booksellers, Red House Book Store in Dothan, Alabama, checked the Ingram catalogue and found my books available through their distributorship. They offer the booksellers a discount that she was happy with so she will probably order some of my books to be available in Dothan, Alabama. If those of you in Dothan would like to order through the 
Red House Book Store
2013 S. Oates Street in 
Dothan, Alabama, call 
(334) 702-1475. 

I can always drop by and sign the books, or you can wait until the book signing Theresa plans at the Red House Bookstore when the weather cools.  

Hannalore Holland at Somethin's Cooking in Panama City also wrote that she wants to include me and my books at an event. She does wine tastings at 
93 E 11th St,
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 769-8979

Call Hannelore and reserve a spot for the night and a book (or all four books, including the Wakefield Plantation: history and cookbook with primer on Southern manners and etiquette). Since Mint Juleps play such a big roll in the novels (the Five O'clock Somewhere Mint Julep Hour is attended by Saks Fifth Avenue Quality gentlemen on the front porch of Sister's 1832 Steamboat Gothic plantation house) I've asked Hannelore if she might have some Mint Julep cups. I need some! 

Sulynn Creswell will have my books at Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center
209 Claiborne Street

Camden, AL 
 (334) 682-9878

There will be a pilgrimage in Furman where Wakefield is located in April. We'll probably be signing books then at Wakefield should any of you decide to make it to the Furman Spring Pilgrimage next April. Sylvia has agreed to the audio and ghost tour series. Ghosts you say? Did I fail to mention that?

I am looking forward to visiting with the Dothan Fine Arts Club on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, at 11:30 at the Dothan Country Club. It's always lots of fun being with that group of ladies.

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