Friday, July 18, 2014

Mint Julep Mysteries finally available on hard copy through Amazon and digitally through Kindle

I was never happy with the original cover for Mint Juleps and Murder, so I redesigned it. The ability to do so is one very good thing about Createspace. 

The Mint Julep Mystery series are all up on Amazon now. I have learned so much along the way. Createspace gives you a minimum recommended price for your novel. This price depends upon your choices for distribution. I opted for the Expanded Distribution which makes the books available to book stores and libraries and listing by Barnes and Noble, Ingram and NACSCORP, and Baker and Taylor. 

Kindle provided the jpeg for the covers and I also got a pdf of the book version to download and use wherever. Kindle suggested the price that produced the most sales for authors of books like mine. I took their advice and the books are listed on Kindle at $2.99. The Wakefield Plantation cookbook and history with a primer on Southern manners and etiquette is listed on Kindle at $4.99. They suggested other distribution ideas for making the most on the books and, once again, I took their advice so it is in their lending library as well. 

I am excited to see where this goes. They are bound to be far more lucrative being available somewhere than locked away in my computer. Thus far, publishing through Createspace and Kindle has cost me nothing but my time and all the sweat equity that went into writing these books. I look forward to whatever input folks choose to give me. I hope they think they are a fun read and they will take the time to write reviews so that others will also want to read them. 

Think Murder She Wrote but with two sisters who cannot cook and whom critics compare to Lucy and Ethel starring on a food show set on a plantation in Alabama. Spice it up with Rosemary and Thyme with an organic garden planted by the Cox County Master Gardeners around Waverly that inspires Victory Gardens around the country. Mix in romance with the Saks Fifth Avenue quality gentlemen who attend the Five O’clock Mint Julep Hour on the Waverly veranda. Season with Newhart appeal as Palmer, former ghost town, now attracts outdoorsman from around the world to the best deer hunting in the world. Add a dash of variety with a multicultural cast. Stir in the drug dealing serial killers upset with all that attention and a broad variety of heroes and villains and you have the Mint Julep Mysteries. Complicate everything with Dabney’s genetic memory, the result of the accident where the SpedEx truck killed her husband of 35 years and left Dabney in a coma from which she emerged in tune with past events that intrude into the present.

Those are the Mint Julep Mysteries. And now I will go on vacation to Key West and hope Catherine, the great white shark, has not decided to holiday there as well! We do plan to go snorkeling, but I'm not sure if she's become well-versed on manners and etiquette on her sojourn in the Gulf. 

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