Monday, July 1, 2013

Miss Sharman's Charm School

Miss Sharman's Charm School

My agent, Holly McClure, spoke with Sarge Platz of Seriously Southern Entertainment today. Looks like a reality show, Miss Sharman's Charm School, may be in my future. Mint Juleps and Murder, the novel about two sisters who finagle their way onto the Dishing It Network using their grandparents' plantation house may have been a foreboding of something that may actually come to be! Of a sort. Holly mentioned a cookbook as well!

I  will be the dean of Miss Sharman's Charm School where 12 rough around the edges young men will be trained in the fine art of being a Southern gentleman. A team of experts in the different aspects of Southern manhood is now being assembled.

The pilot will be shot at Wakefield in Wilcox County, Alabama, once our grandparents' home, now owned by my sister Dr. Sylvia Rushing and her husband Tom. We are all excited!

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  1. Sure to be a winner. Mama tried to get me to Mable Bailey's but I wouldn't stand for it.


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