Sunday, February 10, 2013

To Twit or not to Twit

That is the question.

We live in a narcissistic world. I guess I am a perfect example. My publicist recommended that I sign up for Twitter and start "Tweeting." What would I have to say?

 "You are already good at writing about yourself on your website," she said.

She had a good point. We writers probably are quite the most narcissistic folks on the planet whether we realize it or not. I started my website as a public service, to share the genealogy that I did with others with the caveat that it needed to be proved. I appreciated others sharing their genealogy so much that I intended it as a humanitarian gesture to all those other struggling genealogists who just needed a clue.  Perhaps information that I found might actually give that clue and then we could all benefit by putting those clues together.

Truth was, however, that was MY genealogy so I wrote about myself. I organized a family history /cookbook around houses important in our history. I included recipes of dishes that the people who lived in those houses would have served. Eventually a little bit of whatever I found interesting became a part of that website from my garden to recipes to interesting people I met and places I had visited. ( The website became a general interest website (generally anything I found interesting).

Now it has been expanded to include my author website: 

So, even though Tweeting is something that intimidates me, maybe I've been a twitter all along and just didn't realize it!

Join me on Twitter.

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