In Pursuit

After writing Swimming with Serpents, Ramsey wondered what happened to the Red Sticks after Horseshoe Bend. Intensive research led to the development of the novel In Pursuit featuring characters first introduced in Swimming with Serpents. These characters interact with the Real people and True events of the time. Theirs is an exciting love story.

Creek half-breed and survivor of the Creek Indian War, Joie Kincaid, and the nemesis she rescued from certain death after the Massacre at Fort Mims are kidnapped from a tea room in London. Joie awakens with amnesia—after having been struck on the head—to find herself in the hold of a ship sailing to the pirate Gasparilla’s lair in Charlotte Harbour and bound to a man she finds strangely familiar.

To save himself and Joie, the scholarly Godfrey Lewis Winkel is forced to take heroic action. As a story of passion unfolds between the two, Joie Kincaid must overcome a childhood of abuse and rejection to accept love she had never known. Together they weather the tempests of pirates, illness, the Seminole War, family vendetta, and a hurricane to find their way to each other and a love neither could have imagined.

Interwoven in this action-packed adventure is the long-forgotten tale of hope and betrayal at the Negro Fort, the plight of the Red Sticks after Horseshoe Bend, the greed of a pirate longing for a legacy, Andrew Jackson’s single-minded vision of a nation’s manifest destiny, and the British officers who seek to redeem a promise and forge an empire.

In Pursuit continues the family saga begun in Swimming with Serpents. It is a story of kidnapping, passion, greed, love, and war set against the backdrop of the First Seminole War.

In Pursuit
A Novel
Sharman Burson Ramsey
Also available as an e-book

Follow half-breed Joie Kincaid in this action-packed adventure
of kidnapping, passion, greed, love, and war.
September 2013 | historical fiction
6 x 9 | 280 pp. | Paper, $20.00t | 978-0-88146-454-2 | P473
e-book, $16.00 | 978-0-88146-458-0

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