Sunday, August 24, 2014

GLOW (Give. Love. Observe. Wonder.) A revolutionary concept for a mundane walker

I have an idea that I want to share with you. I wonder if there is anyone out there who also believes this concept might really work and who knows someone who could build a prototype for this concept.

GLOW (Give. Love. Observe. Wonder.)
If so contact me at:  334.701.6578
The GLOW system is targeted toward a demographic that Wharton MBA, Marti Barletta founder of The TrendSight Group, calls “ PrimeTime Women” whom she says “win the trifecta: they are the largest segment of women, they are the highest spending segment of women, and they are the fastest growing segment of women…From ages 45 to 65, individuals experience more life transitions than at any other time in their lives. This translates to BIG opportunity for marketers and retailers to win the hearts, minds and business of PrimeTime Women, THE Boomer big spenders.” (
 These women are accustomed to personalizing everything. Even if they are not buying the walker for themselves, they may be called upon to purchase walkers for relatives. Those now available often seem depressing and institutional.
 Having dealt with aging parents myself as well as contemplating my own future, I envision a new product for this very discriminating consumer.
  1. Constructed of a hard plastic with the capacity to light up like a glow stick in different colors: pink, lime, clear, blue, purple, etc. This light would guide the user through dark rooms without turning on a room light that might bother someone else.
  2. Liquid personalized with individual interests with floaters: dogs or cats of all varieties, purses, high heels, etc. and for men pointers, deer, quail, etc.
  3. Height of the walker determined by the push of a pneumatic button for different activities whether standing or sitting
  4. Lock for rollers on the walker.
  5. Plastic roughened on the handle so that one does not slip.
  6. Bar to hang accessories, washrag and towel when going into a shower.
  7. Potential for GPS with an available AP like those for finding lost IPhones to find potentially lost people
In addition there could be a line of accessories to hang on the walker co-ordinated with the Walker in Dorothy Draper style (Greenbrier inspired) colors and fabrics. All could be special ordered and personalized. For example:
1.     A removable handbag
2.     Eyeglasses case
3.     Medicine carrier
4.     A desk to fit onto walker on which to prop book or IPad or eat a meal. Pneumatic capabilities of the walker adjusts to different needs.
5.     Vinyl lined bag for toiletries needed in shower
6.     Towels to match walker
Gowns (Lanz-like flannel and cotton), Robes and House shoes to match walker
7.     The sky is the limit
I continue to become more and more excited about this concept. I think of how difficult it has always been to come up with an idea for something to purchase for birthdays and holidays for older friends and relatives. It is possible to extend the concept from simple products to lifestyle. We could publish a GLOW magazine featuring different members of the GLOW family, sponsor GLOW cruises and trips, feature GLOW bridge groups (which extends the product line to bridge and score cards, etc.), Wine groups, Culinary groups including Lunch and Supper Clubs, Book clubs, etc.), publish romance and mystery short stories and novels for this category of reader, a currently untapped audience.
 This demographic is determined to keep their brains as active as possible, continue being involved with their families (grandchildren would LOVE these products that make Mimi and Poppy more upbeat), and keep involved in living life regardless of physical challenges.
 I am confident this is a concept that will sell. With the logo of a glow worm or lightning bug the product comes with a positive message – let your light shine wherever you are. Both product and purchaser bring a happy glow with them wherever they go. 

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